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Sewer drain cleaning

Many people choose to live in old, historic homes that possess timeless, elegant design and a long, fascinating history.

And while hiring a professional home inspector is common, many first-time home buyers fail to take these homes’ sewer lines into account. If a home’s sewer system is more than 40 years old, it might need replacing — and using a sewer system fraught with blockage and cracks could lead to costly repair work.

Performing a sewer camera inspection on the older home you plan to buy can alert you to a number of key issues such as the need for sewer line repair, replacement or sewer drain cleaning. Here’s all you need to know to make sure your planned sewer line inspection gives you the most accurate results:

Why inspect a sewer line?

As stated above, a sewer line inspection can alert you to any problems in your prospective home’s sewer line system. Among many older homes, tree roots are a major cause of blockage. These roots grow into the sewer’s piping and ultimately latch onto debris sent down your home’s drains. By having a sewer line inspected, you can find out whether or not you’ll need to invest in a sewer line cleaning, repair or replacement once you’ve bought the home.

How to perform an inspection

Typically, you will want to hire a professional sewer inspection company to perform these inspections. These companies employ CCTV technology to remotely capture a video recording of the sewer line’s interior. Most companies will guide you through the inspection process, pointing out any signs of breaks and cracks in the sewer lines, and provide you with a DVD of this video afterward.

What to do if you need a sewer line repair

If you ultimately discover that your dream home needs a sewer line repair or replacement, you might actually be able to afford these repairs more than you think. With the advent of trenchless technology — which accesses a sewer line via just one access hole in the ground — sewer repairs have become much more cost-effective. Best of all? Trenchless repairs won’t disrupt your home’s landscaping or historic features.

Have any other questions or comments about sewer line inspections or about procedures like trenchless sewer line repair? Feel free to start a conversation by leaving a comment below.


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