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You still remember the day your father came and planted the tree in honor of your oldest daughter’s first Arbor Day. At a time when the consumerism in this country seems to get the most of every grandparent, it should have come as no surprise that your father would have escaped the temptation to purchase another toy, or another piece of clothing. Instead, as a first time grandfather he had a much grander vision. He wanted to plant a tree that could later be enjoyed not only by his granddaughter, but by the whole family.

His instinct was correct. By the time she was six years old, your daughter was able to play on a wooden swing hanging from a rope that her grandfather made that was attached to a tree that her grandfather planted. In addition, on the times when first your older and then your second daughter wanted to convince the entire family to picnic in the backyard, those meals were enjoyed in the afternoon and evening shade provided by that same tree.

With all of these memories in mind, cutting down that tree has been emotional.Your father has continually warned you, however, that dead trees can do a lot of damage if they fall on their own during a storm. In addition to the expense of the tree removal, the emotions behind the process have been difficult. Ever the pragmatist, however, your father was actually the one that suggested that you call a tree removal service when he could tell that some major branches in the now 22 year old tree were dying. Towering to a height that could actually damage your home if it should fall, the tree needed to go. Fortunately, you have literally hundreds of photos of your dad and his granddaughters enjoying this most generous and thoughtful gift. In addition, your dad has promised that once the stump removal has been completed he will again plant another tree.

Pruning, Crowning and Removing Trees Is an Important Part of Maintaining a Home and Keeping a Healthy Lawn

When crown thinning a tree, it is recommended to only cut approximately 10% to 15% of the live growth in the interior. And while this may seem like a logical and neat equation, the fact of the matter is there are many dangers that involved when you are thinning, pruning or removing a tree. In addition to the damage that can occur to the tree if it is not being completely removed, nearby houses, fences, and other structures can be damaged if the work is not done by professionals. Even more frightening is the danger that an inexperienced person can put themselves in when they are working on trees. From small falls to fatal injuries, tree removal, trimming, and pruning is not to be taken lightly.
For these reasons it is important to hire professionals for the tree removal or other tree work that you need to have done. And while it may be tempting to take a neighbor, relative, or friend up on the offer to borrow their equipment and accept their help, too often things go wrong when non professionals are not used. Trees, of course, are one of the great beauties of the work in which we live in, but knowing that they require work is sometimes forgotten. Not only when it comes time for a tree removal, but even in the first few months and years when a tree is planted, it is important to pay attention to the tree to make sure that it is getting the proper amount of water.
Home and property ownership includes many responsibilities, but few of them are as dangerous as taking care of, or removing, a tree on a lot. Investing the time that it takes to find the most reliable company and spending the money that it takes to get these services may seem like a lot at the time, but if you want to make sure that your home and your family and friends are safe hiring a service is the right decision to make.


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