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Making the decision to buy or build a home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is not hard. This city is full of historic sites, such as St. Francis Cathedral and the San Miguel Chapel, which is considered the oldest church structure in the U.S. There are also many cultural museums, like the New Mexico Museum of Art, and the Georgia O’Keefe Museum, which houses the Santa-Fe based artist’s most famous works. Along with the shopping centers, and parks, you can find several reasons to buy or build a home in Santa Fe.

But there are many other things to consider such as relocation costs, whether you want a to look at basic homes or Santa Fe luxury homes, and how much you want to spend. The lighting, flooring, paint, and fixtures will have to be selected carefully once again to get the perfect decor to fit your family.

On the flip side, starting anew gives you a chance to re-invent your living space, particularly the kitchen. People spend thousands of dollars on kitchen design, as it is the most used space in most households. You can take this chance to work with Santa Fe interior designers, and finally get the fabulous kitchen you have always wanted. Here are some of latest trends in kitchen design you will not want to miss.

  • Natural Beauty

    This year, kitchens are looking natural, unhampered, and rustic. This means that cabinets, floors, and tables are left unstained, giving them an outdoorsy look. Any earthy elements can be used to accent tables and counter tops, and the latest sconce light fixtures match the woodsy theme well. Home buyers are also exposing brick walls, and mounting brick veneer walls instead of drywall. The brick adds a level of texture to the wall, and gives the area visual interest. The idea is that you should be able to bathe in the warm vibrations of natural surroundings, and feel close to nature.

  • Old is Gold

    When you buy or build a home in 2014, you will likely see more gold, brass, and copper tones than stainless steel in the design. Chrome and nickel handles and knobs on cabinets are being replaced for shades of brass that are characteristic of older homes. Many home buyers are looking for drawers that have a touch of gold in their design as well. Stainless steel stove hoods can even be embellished by adding strips of brass or gold along the sides, and any sink can be fitted with a copper or gold faucet. The stark contrast between these metals and a marble or stone counter top or sink is valued more now than it has been for decades.

  • Al Fresco Cooking

    You may have never considered cooking outdoors, but living in Santa Fe gives you a chance to get creative. This might seem like a risk with the rainy season in July and August, or during winter months, but you can always build a smaller kitchen indoors for adverse weather conditions, or install a sliding glass door. Many homeowners are building kitchens right behind their houses using mostly wooden cabinets, counter tops and chairs. It keeps the smells of cooking to a minimum and allows for greater entertainment space as well.

Moving to Santa Fe could fit right into these current kitchen design and renovation trends, as the geography and climate allow for a more nature-based, rustic way of life. With these ideas, you can buy or build a home with an incredible kitchen, and get your new house feeling like a home in no time. Get more info here:


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