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Solar panel mounting system

As our knowledge on environment issues increases, so too does our desire to establish sustainable practices within our society. One of the major pushes towards efficiency is to find new and more environmentally friendly ways of creating power. Sun tracking solar panels are becoming increasingly powerful as a means for generating electricity in buildings.

Solar panel systems use energy generated from sunlight to provide power to buildings. One solar panel can only generate a limited amount of energy so it is typically necessary to install multiple panels per building. Sun tracking solar panels are popular because they utilize a single axis tracker to automatically orient the panel to face the sun. The purpose of sun tracking solar panels is to increase the amount of solar energy produced by each panel.

Although sun tracking solar panels are an efficient alternative power source, price may keep some away from installing them at their businesses. It is estimated that 600 sq ft. of solar panels costs $55,000 to install. Although this may seem like excessive, it is important to consider that there are incentives to installation. Beyond having an environmentally friendly power source, businesses may also be entitled to tax deductions for having panels installed. This will usually result in financial benefit greater than the amount saved on energy.

More information on how to install solar panels and solar tracking systems can be found online. For more about this, go here.


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