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According to the Environmental Protection Agency, about one in every five households in America rely on septic systems to deal with their toilet waste. Septic tanks, or cesspools, need to be emptied, or pumped, every three to five years. Plummer’s Waste Group describes what it’s like to get a cesspool pump.

If you are having any problems with your septic system, let the technician know when the technician arrives.

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You can save some money by digging up the access lid to the septic tanks, but most people choose to let the technician do it. Let the technician know where the tanks are buried.

The technician will use a prod to find the tanks. A hole is dug into the ground to expose the access lid. The technician will fill in the hole and put any sod back after pumping out your septic tank. The hole will be about 18 x18 inches.

The technician will use a long mixing rod to mix up the solids and liquids in the septic tank. This makes it easier to clean it out. After the tank is cleaned out, the technician will inspect the septic tank for breaks or decay. The technician will write up any findings and talk to you about them. The job is then complete.


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