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When you buy your first home it should be an exciting and rewarding feeling from start to finish. Many homeowners say “you just know” when you first step in the door BUT you don’t want your first home to wear away at your bank account and your sanity. There are precautionary steps you can take to ensure the big ticket items in the home are already taken care of. If you do your due diligence and things still go wrong don’t fret! There are affordable plumbing services, contractors, expert HVAC services, construction services and more that are available. Let’s just try and avoid needing all of them!

  1. Look for evidence at how well the house is built. Conduct an extensive search from top to bottom! The quality of the house construction is of the utmost important. Make sure the home has a general layout and architectural appearance that make sense
  2. Look for Water Damage Basements are a great place to start when looking for water issues. Be aware of any damp smells or cracked/buckling walls. Check all bathroom and kitchen fixtures to get an idea of how well the toilets, showers, and sinks work. If you want to be extra certain look for an affordable plumbing service to provide a check for you. They would also be available for any damage control once the house has been purchased.
  3. Check the Foundation According to AmeriFirst Home Mortgage you don’t need a engineer to do this. You should note the distance of large trees from the house. Larger trees that are closer to the house can crack the foundation over time. Inside the house, look to see if there are separations in the flooring or drywall, especially the corners.
  4. Updated Utilities? Ask the realtor for the ages (or replacements) of the following: HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems. They can be very costly to repair or replace! Boilers typically last 15-30 years. Furnaces typically last 15-18 years.

As a first-time home-buyer, there is a long “TO DO” list that should be followed meticulously. This list is needed to ultimately save you from having problems in the long run and save you from being the not-so-proud owner of a money pit. You can always turn to experienced professionals for help and find affordable plumbing services, local hvac services, and other skilled workers before and after your home purchase.


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