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When you add awnings to your home, they are very useful in helping you keep cool in the warm summers, and they act as coverage in snowy or rainy weather. This video provides the types of awnings that you can get for your home windows, doors, or patios. With the knowledge of the different types of awnings that are available to choose from, you will be able to come to a conclusion on the type of shade you would like to install.

The types of awnings mentioned in the video are retractable awnings and fixed awnings.

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In addition to each type of awning showcased, its pros and cons are given alongside it. You will discover the styles that are available for both the retractable and fixed awnings.

The material chosen for an awning is dependent on its purpose. The video indicates a list of material options that one may choose from, such as polyester, polycarbonate, wood, metal, canvas, and cotton. The video gives the advantages and disadvantages of each material, making it easy to compare them all side by side and get an answer to which material, style, and type of awning would best meet your needs.


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