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how to create a man cave on a budget

If you have ever needed a getaway space from your home, a man cave could be your best option. A man with a family may feel out of place or find the family home too crowded at times. You can build a man cave where you will get some privacy and enjoy some time with your friends.

What is a Man Cave?

A man cave is a designated space from the rest of the house. The room can be located in the main house or within the compound. Its primary purpose is to accommodate the man’s recreational activities, hobbies, or simply a private place to unwind, all designed to his taste.

Do I Need a Man Cave?

When it comes to the design and aesthetics of a home, the majority of women take control. A lot of furniture made from custom hardwoods, color schemes, lighting fixtures, and decor are made to accommodate the children’s needs or satisfy the woman’s taste. A man has little to no say in such things. However, there is a chance to shine with a man cave and create the sanctuary you desire. Keep reading to find out why you should get yourself a man cave.

Freedom — A man cave is an escape room from the long day at work or a break from the children. Watching your favorite show or having a beer as you relax can be a great stress reliever-man is more relaxed when he is not under pressure to submit to work deadlines or the distraction of noisy kids around. You stand a better chance at taking an uninterrupted nap in your man cave than in the main house.

Entertainment — Entertainment is not only a requirement for men but also every human being. A man needs to watch his favorite sports games, play video games, or listen to his favorite music in tranquility. It is also a place where you can host your friends without leaving your compound. A personalized space that is a one-stop place for all your entertainment needs is a great way to relax and unwind.

Control — Men miss the opportunity of designing their homes because their wives tend to control and make household decisions. With a man cave, you can exercise control and take charge of all the decision-making. Whether it is pleasing to your family or not, you get to decide the design and decor of your man cave. It is a chance to make the men feel that their decisions matter and have a say.

Increase productivity — a man cave provides an opportunity to improve oneself or discover hobbies. You get to work on your to-do list, rediscover yourself, re-evaluate your decisions and correct your mistakes. You get a chance to become more productive as many ideas come up when you are relaxed and more focused.

What are the Costs of Building a Man Cave?

You may desire to create your personal space but do not have the extra money to create the perfect man cave. Typically, the cost of building a new house is expected to be expensive. The costs associated with creating a man cave are no less and can dent your pocket. With the right information on how to create a man cave on a budget, it is possible to cut down on costs. Some of the costs involved in building a man cave include:

Location is Key

For most men, the ideal location for their man cave would be a safe distance from their main house. A garden shed, an abandoned garage or an unused servant’s quarters could be some of the options to consider. These are viable options on how to create a man cave on a budget, as you will not need to start from scratch in building a new room. The aim is to save on costs as much as possible hence, an already existing room substantially decreases the costs. Once you have established that the room satisfies the weather-proofing conditions, you can proceed with your plan in creating a budget-friendly man cave.

Basic Utilities

Essential utilities such as water, heating, electricity, and the bathroom need to be at the top of your priority list. Select an unused room in your house or an abandoned garage and ensure that you are connected to the basic utilities. There is no fun in having a man cave if you have to go back to the house for bathroom breaks or drink water. On how to create a man cave on a budget, selecting a room that already comes with these utilities or one that you can easily connect from the main house will be a great start.


Decor can be a big strain on your budget in creating your man cave. You can use your hobbies to find items and make exciting but functional decor. For instance, you can use magazine photos or print out some of your favorite pictures and hang them on the wall. Beer cans can be repurposed as taps or door handles. With the right tips, you can save some coins while still enjoying your favorite decor pieces.

Ways to Save Costs When Building a Man Cave

As you already have the main house, spending a significant amount of money may kill your dreams of owning a man cave. However, you should worry not as we have outlined some tips on how to create a man cave on a budget.

Find affordable sites and stores:

Purchase online — you are more likely to find decor pieces that match your taste online compared to walk-in shops. There are various online sellers with a wide range of products selling them at lower prices than local shops. Online sellers have lower overhead costs hence the affordable prices.

Garage sales — one’s man trash is another man’s treasure. This statement holds owing to the number of garage sales events that are held monthly. You can take advantage of this opportunity to shop for things you might need for your man cave at a reduced cost.

Used items — you can find vintage and unique pieces from local stores that sell second-hand items at lower prices but with excellent quality. This is one of the ways on how to create a man cave on a budget.

House clearance sales — the deals found in house clearance sales are too good to ignore. You can expect to find better quality, variety, and affordable prices. The owners usually look to get rid of their items because they are moving or want to upgrade to better items. If you are lucky, you can bargain and get the items at an even lower price.

Swap items — another exciting tip on how to create a man cave on a budget is to swap items. The procedure is simple: one takes the things they wish to dispose of from their homes and meets other people who would like to do the same. If you find something you like, you can swap the items at no extra cost. This is a great money-saving idea as you get to kill two birds with one stone. You get to acquire things you need and get rid of those you do not need.

Do It Yourself (DIY)

Do-it-yourself projects are a great cost-saving tip for cutting down on labor costs. Here is how to create a man cave on a budget with some DIY tips:

TV and Picture Mounting

You can find videos online that teach you how to mount your TV and pictures. Since you are in charge of the decor, you get to decide the size of the TV you want and the pictures you would like to hang on your wall. From the junk and unused items in your house, you are bound to find something that can help your project. For instance, you can create a TV stand with broken chairs and have enough picture framing for your chosen pictures or paintings. You, therefore, save on buying new picture frames and the labor costs of hiring someone to do the mounting for you.


Part of a man’s entertainment includes indulging in drinking their favorite beer or whisky. Since the bar will only be for you and your friends, a small fridge will be perfect for your man cave. If you have an old fridge, you would like to dispose of a broken one that you did not have time to do a fridge repair. You can repurpose it for your man cave. You can easily convert the fridge to a kegerator and have it as a beer tap! Another cost-saving tip on how to create a man cave on a budget is to craft beers. A small gathering of your friends could cost a significant amount of money to buy enough beers for all of them. You can make your own whiskey kits and make as much alcohol as you would like at a lower price.

Repurpose items

You can find many unused items that have been cluttering in your home that you can repurpose to complete your man cave. Some of these items, such as broken chairs or old desks, are considered junk and can be repurposed to make custom hardwood pieces. Your used beer bottles can make flower vases, and your old baseball bats can be used as a hanger for your coats. You can create tons of man cave gadgets on clutter and junk budget.


Painting is a skill you can learn yourself, another DIY project on creating a man cave on a budget. Your man cave will require you to bring out your personality. Hence, we recommend you choose colors that will complement the space. A DIY video will take you at least twenty minutes to become a painter. Instead of hiring a painter, you can buy paint at your local hardware and do the job yourself.

Find a Budget-Friendly Contractor

Whereas there are many things that you will be able to do yourself, some will require a professional. Electricity, AC, and plumbing services will require a professional touch for your safety and loved ones. You can enlist the services of an electrical contractor to assist you with any additional electrical connections that may come up. You can choose to use an electrician who serviced the main house and ask for a discount or ask one of your friends who is an electrician to do it for an exchange of services. One of the greatest tips on how to create a man cave on a budget is to use the already existing resources rather than buying new ones.

You will also need to consult plumbing contractors for all your water and drainage needs. If your selected room is already connected with water, you can repurpose that trough or the stock tank to customize your bathtub. Hot tubs give a bathroom the ultimate experience of a man spa and should be a must-have addition in your man cave.

When it comes to AC services, you can choose eco-friendly and energy-efficient options. If you were to install a new roof, it would be best to choose energy-efficient energy. An energy-efficient roof will prevent your AC from overworking and save on costs.

Creating a man cave will give you the peace and tranquility you need. A lot of men shy away from this possibility because they are constrained in terms of resources. However, with cost-saving tips such as thrift, swapping, and embracing DIY, you will be able to cut down on plenty of expenses. You are bound to enjoy your alone time at the comfort of your man cave once you install the much-needed necessities without denting your pockets.



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