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How often should you have your chimney cleaned

Did you know that approximately 15,000 homes are damaged by creosote fires each year? Creosote buildup often stems from unclean chimneys, so it is important to keep a clean chimney at all times. There are two effective ways to properly maintain a chimney, and both will allow you to safely use your chimney.

1. Chimney cleaning. If you do not properly clean your chimney, fires can burn at over 2,000 degrees. Since such high temperatures can melt mortar, crack tiles, and spread to the rest of the home, it is important to prevent this from occurring. Fortunately, cleaning your chimney at least once per year will help prevent the buildup of dangerous creosote. However, even if you learn how to clean a chimney flue, cleaning a chimney is a dangerous task because it requires the use of chemicals and other cleaning agents in a confined area. As a result, getting your chimney professionally cleaned is a safe and effective way to properly maintain your chimney.

2. Chimney liners. Chimney liners can also help prevent chimney fires from occurring. Chimney liners are typically made of clay, cement, or stainless steel, and they are designed to keep flue gases where they belong. Stainless steel is often considered to be the most efficient material to use for chimney liners because it is relatively quick and easy to install, and it is readily available to fit a variety of chimney sizes. Since chimney liners can also enable greener living, this is one of the most effective chimney maintenance options available.

Dirty chimneys can cause fires and trap carbon monoxide in homes, so it is important to keep a properly maintained chimney. This can be done by learning how to clean a chimney flue or getting your chimney professionally cleaned, as well as by installing a chimney liner. By utilizing these maintenance options, your chimney will be safe to use.


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