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Let’s put some fun back into installing new commercial furnaces. Your home may be needing an outdoor renovation and it can be easy to put off the seemingly involved process of choosing the right stoves, burners or mowers on top of an installation location and all the accessories that come with upkeep. Luckily for you, this process couldn’t be more simple. When your home needs a boost in curb appeal or you’re just thinking of ways you can make your exterior environment more inviting, contacting a local furnace or wood boiler dealer can get all of the above accomplished and then some. Don’t keep your yard or porch lackluster. Take a look below and see what you can add to really make it shine.

Yards And Lawns

Americans love their yards and lawns. A new survey conducted by the Harris Poll for the National Association Of Landscape Professionals saw three-quarters of the 2,000 American adults that entered feeling it’s important to spend regular time in their yards. Another poll saw 80% of Americans feeling the quality of their yard was essential and another 90% emphasizing it’s important to maintain their exterior spaces. Some of the most common activities Americans conduct in their yards are relaxing, entertaining and gardening.

Curb Appeal And Renovation

Let’s say you want to boost your curb appeal and give your home a better shot of being chosen when put up for market over the next few years. Why not add some outdoor furnaces? Landscaping has been found to increase your home’s resale value by nearly 15%, though that doesn’t mean you necessarily have to break bank. Spending even as little as 5% of your home’s value on a landscaping project can still net you an ROI of 150%. That’s not all the money you can save, however.

Energy And Conservation

Worried you won’t be able to save energy by installing a commercial furnace? Guess again. Outdoor furnaces have been found to be a very cost-effective source of heating energy, perfect for the cold seasons or the chilly summer nights. Owners who regularly cut their own wood or obtain free blocks of wood for their fuel can eliminate their heating bills entirely. Over a 10-year period this has seen homeowners or businesses retaining anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000. Not only does this keep your wallet happy, it keeps the environment green!

Environmental Health And Improvement

There are many ways to boost the health of the environment as well as your happiness. A well-maintained and thick 10,000 square foot lawn can see six turf plants per square inch. Lawns are able to release enough oxygen for a family of four on top of absorbing carbon dioxide, ozone and hydrogen fluoride. The spring season especially emphasizes the importance of a good lawn and nearby shrubbery, as they naturally trap dust, pollen and dander that can cause allergies.

Renovating Your Home With Outdoor Furnaces

Your next landscaping project doesn’t have to only hit one or two high notes. There are a plethora of smart and long-lasting options to choose from when installing outdoor furnaces, that of which can be done in a short amount of time and save you money for years to come. There are around 200,000 outdoor wood furnaces currently in use, though this number is expected to increase as homeowners and businesses alike become aware of the positives. Current owners of outdoor furnaces have even reported they’re using up to 70% wood compared to traditional models! Don’t let the seeming complexity of outdoor coal stoves put you off. There’s a whole world of energy conservation and comfort waiting for you.


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