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Commercial roof

Many homeowners and business owners don’t very often think about their roofs — until something goes wrong. It’s essential to make sure that a roof is in good condition and gets repaired or replace before damage begins, because when it comes to roofs, damage can be impossible to reverse. Keeping an eye out for red flags is important for catching repair or replacement needs early and taking proactive measures to prevent further damage from occurring. Here are three really common red flags that a roof is in need of repair.

1. Leaks and dark spots
Leaks and dark spots are probably the easiest red flags to look out for since you should be looking for these inside. If leaks are occurring during wet weather, this obviously means that the roof is in need of repair. Dark spots are also indicative of a leak and that water is soaking through the roofing materials. Make sure to look for these warning signs in the top floor of your home or business.

2. Missing, warped, or worn materials
In addition to interior warning signs, you should also be paying attention to the exterior of your roof. When you can, you should make sure to check things out and take a good look at the outside of your home or business. There are a number of different residential and commercial roof types, so knowing which one you have and what it should look like is important. If things start to look worn or are warped or missing, you could need roof replacement or repair. If you don’t know, it’s worth having a commercial roofing company have a look and give you an expert opinion.

3. The age of the roof.
Aside from the interior and exterior look of a roof, you should also keep the age of the roof in mind. The lifetime of a roof is going to vary depending on the material that was used to construct it. For example, asphalt, which is one of the most common types of commercial roofing materials typically lasts 17 years. Again, if you aren’t sure what your roof is made of, how old it is, or if it’s in disrepair, you should probably call in residential or commercial roofing contractors.

Do you have any questions about when you need a new roof or tips for finding the right commercial roofing company? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below.


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