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Did you know that, according to Eaton research, most computers cost consumers at least $700? The average Mac desktop can cost $1,500 or more. Building a custom PC can save you money and afford you more options – if it’s done correctly. Forgetting critical parts can fry your system, or leave DIY computers vulnerable to serious incident or malfunction. What are these critical parts?

Rubber Grommets, Cable Glands, and Threaded Standoffs

The most widely available rubber grommets, or circular or oblong fixtures, fit into desktops and tabletops to redirect cords and cables from sharp edges and corners. What many people do not realize is that grommets have many different applications. Consumers can also use grommets inside custom PCs’ casing to protect cords from jagged metal parts, reduce vibrations and torque, and limit noise levels from internal fans.

Likewise, cable glands fit over the ends of wiring to protect connection and entry points. Manufacturers offer metallic and non-metallic cable glands to best meet consumer needs. Cable glands prevent damage from abrasion and wear, and some even offer liquid-tight protection.

Finally, one thing you do not want to forget is threaded standoffs. Standoffs are an absolutely critical component. Forgetting to raise or separate your motherboard from its metal casing can result in the entire system overheating and most likely frying, too. Threaded standoffs allow consumers to easily prevent electrical shorts and prevent serious accident.

Colored Zip Ties

Keeping your custom PCs’ wiring – inside and out – is in your best interest. Zip ties, also commonly referred to as cable ties and hose ties, help group and fasten external wiring. Consumers create friction by sliding a pawl across a series of teeth to lock electrical components into place. Colored zip ties can be used to easily identify particular groups of wiring. Velcro colored zip ties are available for lightweight, or a single PC’s, wires.

Building your own desktop computer can save you a considerable amount of money. Making irreversible mistakes, however, that result in systems overheating or malfunctioning is not cost effective. Use grommets, cable glands, and threaded standoffs to build a quality PC the first time. More information like this:


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