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As the weather begins to warm up, there will be an increase in outdoor home improvement projects. A few of the most common outdoor projects include landscaping, deck building, and fence maintenance or building. These are also some of the most value producing outdoor projects. If they are planned and executed properly, they can increase the resale value of your house. They can also provide wonderful curb appeal and other additional benefits to the house.

Increases enjoyment of time spent outdoors

A new survey by Harris Poll for the National Association of Landscape Professional conducted among 2,034 U.S. adults (ages 18 plus), finds that three quarters of Americans (75%) feel that it is important to spend time outside in their yards. The more comfortable that the exterior living space is, the more time that you want to spend outdoors. Certain outdoor improvements, such as landscaping, privacy fences, and building a new deck for entertainment can improve the overall comfort and enjoyment of the time that is spend outdoors.

If you are building a deck for entertainment purposes, be sure to plan for additional space. You will require additional deck materials for the overall deck construction, but you will find the extra space beneficial. Make sure you create a deck that does not take up too much of your yard space, but has sufficient room for an outdoor dining set, BBQ, and additional seating, if desired.

Can decrease home utility bills

Carefully planning exterior landscaping and design can not only increase the value and look of your house, it could also potentially decrease your home?s utility bills. For example, building a fence can keep out high winds and can block some sunlight. When your windows and doors are not as exposed to these weather conditions, your HVAC unit does not have to work as hard. Another great way to reduce your utility bills even further is to plan for energy reducing landscaping.

The majority of homeowners upgrading their outdoor spaces are addressing their backyards (64%). The vast majority of upgrades are either substantial (58%), e.g. paving, new beds, building or upgrading structures, or a complete overhaul (29%), e.g. regrading, terracing, and re landscaping. When you complete either substantial or complete overhaul landscaping projects, you also have the ability to plan for energy reducing plans.

Increase privacy of outdoor space

Some houses are backed up to one another. Some houses even share exterior living spaces, which can make entertaining difficult, especially if you do not enjoy your neighbors. One of the most common reasons for preventing outdoor time is to remain private. A fence contractor, however, can build a privacy fence around a yard. The backyard them becomes the perfect entertaining and relaxing space, giving you both privacy and relaxation.

Become more green friendly

Many households are working toward being more green friendly. They are changing out appliances for energy star ratings. They are reducing overall energy usage. When you purchase your deck materials or fencing materials, you have the ability to make them green friendly. Vinyl fence and deck materials are a great option. Vinyl fencing is non toxic because it is not treated with harmful or hazardous chemicals. Since it is recycled, there is no wastage involved. Vinyl consists of 51% of chlorine which is derived from salt, and 49% is made from hydrocarbons that are derived from natural gas. Changing out your fence and deck materials can even earn you tax rebates.

While the majority of Americans believe that spending time outdoors is important, not enough actually do. They may be dissatisfied with their outdoor spaces, because of cleanliness, privacy, or comfort. This spring, make it a project to increase your enjoyment of your outdoor living space. Redesign the landscaping to provide you with relaxation and energy benefits. Build a deck for entertaining purposes. Install a new privacy fence with recycled and environmentally safe materials. Not only will these housing improvements increase your house?s value, but they will also increase your overall comfort and relaxation in your own backyard.


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