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Roof support problems

The importance of the roof when buying/selling cannot be stated enough. If there is an issue in the roof- even small roof damage- that means the whole house is at risk. This can make it hard to sell, and as a buyer, you wouldn’t buy a house with that risk attached to it, right? Keeping this in mind as you own your home can help you avoid huge repair or replacement costs in the event of listing a home.

When you first buy your home, you should figure out what type of roof you have. Different roof types will come with different maintenance requirements. For example, fiber-cement roofs are incredibly durable, and they don’t require much maintenance. They are strong, almost bullet-proof, in addition to being resistant to fire, wind, impact, insects, and moisture. If your roof is less durable, you will have to frequently keep up with maintenance to make sure you don’t hit any costly repairs.

You should also learn how to inspect your roof on your own. This will help you take care of it and notice when something is off, so you can take care of it quickly and before it’s a big issue. Leaky roofs due to roof punctures are easily patched up. But if the hole becomes larger, not only can it damage property inside your home, but it can also mean a huge patching job that you have to call a roofing company for.

If all else fails and roof damage forces you to replace your roof, don’t fret. When selling a home, a new roof provides a return on investment of up to 75%! Insurance may not cover any issues caused by worn-out roofs or lack of maintenance, so make sure you help yourself out by taking care of it along the way!

What do you think? Is the roof a make or break feature in a home?


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