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Did you know that radon is a natural gas that comes from within the earth and can enter your home through the flooring, basement, and crawl space. Radon gas is very dangerous and can cause severe breathing problems. They say that living in a home with radon gas seeping in is just like smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. So what can you do to avoid this dangerous gas from coming into your home and harming your family?

Radon gas is invisible, tasteless, odorless, and virtually impossible to detect without proper testing. Radon testing companies can come into your home and tell you how much gas is getting into your house and what you can do to keep it out. Radon gas can get into your home through any areas that touch the soil surrounding it. Piping, windows, floor cracks, drains, cavities within walls, and many other places can let the gas in and it is very important to keep this from happening. Radon mitigation can cost as much as $3000 depending on the size of the home and the work that needs to be done by a radon testing company.

A radon testing company will come into your home and seal all the cracks within the foundation, walls, windows, pipes, drains and surrounding areas that may be letting the gas in. Ventilation can be increased substantially to increase air flow so that the gas doesn’t build up and cause your family harm. Another way to reduce the gas from entering your home is having a small pump installed to remove the gas from below your sub flooring before it enters your home. All of these mitigation techniques are great and can reduce the gas immensely creating a safe environment for your home.

A radon testing company can test simply and is very non invasive. A professional will come into your home and decide where the best place is to begin testing and plant a small device in that area for up to 3 months. The long term test is the best way to go and can get you optimal results. After the 3 months is up they send the device to a lab where they read how much of the gas is within your home and then they will decide what needs to be done next. Radon testing has become mandatory for preschools, daycare’s, and other public places in some areas of the world. If you want to find out more information on radon testing and mitigation call your local professionals and get tested today.


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