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The roof is the upper part of any structure that protects from natural elements, including heat, sunlight, wind, and rain. When hiring roofing companies, it is vital to understand the different terminologies used in the industry. Some of the terms used in the video are:

Style D flashing
This refers to a thin sheet of aluminum designed as a shingle and counterflashing material.

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It can be used with asphalt-based and metal-backed shingles and some types of tiles.

Rake Edge
The rake edge is the line formed by the lower point where it touches the next higher course. The flashings are bent to form the lower edge that overlaps and seals the upper edge of another shingle.

Gutter Apron
The gutter apron drains water into the downspout properly instead of allowing it to run off onto areas that are more likely to flood in your yard. The apron is installed on the bottom of the gutters and rests on the roofing.
Roofs are significant parts of any building. Knowing more about roofs is vital. It helps people in developing a better understanding of their significance.


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