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This video discusses a project that did not have the option of a town sewer. It needed a sophisticated septic system. The design is for a two compartment septic tank, which includes a primary chamber, a secondary chamber, a pump, and a pre-treatment unit.

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This video explains how the septic system works. All of the waste, both liquid and solid, comes from the house. In the first area, solid floats to the top while everything else sinks to the bottom, leaving a middle area of dirty water. It then goes to a baffle wall where water is allowed to pass into the second compartment. But, first it is filtered through a screen. Every twenty minutes, a surge of water is sent to the treatment pod, which is the second part of the system.

In the second compartment, ammonia is being transferred into nitrogen. Water falls down into the pod and collects at the bottom, then returns back to the first area where it is introduced to an anaerobic zone. The nitrogen is pulled from the ground water and released into the atmosphere.


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