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Most of the AC units are installed on the exteriors of people’s homes. The following are some important things done by AC companies during AC installation:

Disconnect Power Connection

When installing an outdoor air conditioning unit, it is important to disconnect the power source before installation. This will reduce the risk of electrical shock or even death.

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Install the Electrical Disconnect and Whip

An electrical disconnect box is installed before the unit’s arrival. Some manufacturers also recommend adding a whip, a conduit that runs through the bottom of the outdoor unit. An electric disconnect box ensures the safety of workers and helps save money by preventing unnecessary repairs later.

Fill the Refrigerant

The refrigerant of an AC unit should be filled during installation. If it is not done, there is a possibility of leakage and problems arising in the future, which might result in a costly repair, affecting your AC unit’s performance and effectiveness.

Recharge the Systems

Recharging an outdoor AC unit ensures that the AC unit can reach maximum performance. It also increases its lifespan and decreases the need for additional repairs.

By following the simple steps above, among others seen in the video,’ INSTALLING A CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONER \ Outdoor Air Conditioner Installation’, homeowners can improve their ability to deal with intense weather after an AC installation.


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