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Decorative outdoor planters

When a person owns a home, there are many qualities that they want that home to exhibit. Aesthetic appeal is one of the top priorities of any homeowner. People will often go to great lengths to ensure that their home is very appealing to all of those who visit it. This will often entail filling the home with furnishings and decor that offer a combination of comfort, hospitality, and of course, aesthetic appeal. While many focus on the interior of their home, it is also highly recommended that equal attention be given to the outside of a home.

The exterior of a home having an appealing appearance is considered to be just as crucial because this is where visitors will get their first impressions. And not only does the house itself need to be taken into consideration, but also the front and backyards and surrounding areas of the home. With features such as large outdoor planters and urns installed by landscaping companies, homeowners can have a home that offers appeal from the moment it is seen.

Statistics have shown that landscaping services are not only beneficial because of the aesthetics they can bring to a home, but also because they can increase the overall value of a home. Consumers value a landscaped space 11.3 percent higher than its base price, according to a study by Smart Money Magazine. Studies that were recently conducted by project evergreen found that on average, consumers would be willing to pay a 12 percent premium for goods purchased in retail establishments that are accompanied by quality landscaping.

Many homeowners seek landscaping services because properly planted flowers and trees can reduce energy costs by 20 to 40 percent, according to the California Energy Commission. A popular type of flower planted around homes is the moon flower, which only blooms at night and begins to close as the sun rises. With the use of decorative outdoor planters and urns such as large clay planters, plants can remain protected while they grow and provide a home with a valuable aesthetic appeal.


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