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Whether you are fortunate enough to have recently moved into a new construction home or you are the owner of the joys and burdens of owning a much older home, regular maintenance is always an issue. From changing the HVAC filter on a heating and cooling system on a regular basis to scheduling a twice a year check ups with HVAC contractors that provide this service, taking the time to pay attention to these details can help you have a more energy efficient home, as well as extend the life of these features that are both expensive and essential. In the even broader picture, a well maintained home continues to add value to itself and will eventually create a property that is worth more when you make the eventual decision to sell.
Most home owners are quick to admit that the house that they live in is the largest investment that they will ever make. As a result, it only makes sense that the best home owners follow a detailed calendar of HOME MAINTENANCE: tasks:

    • Home owners do not always have the time that it takes to do proper maintenance. If this is the case, however, it is important to have a relationship with reliable contractors to complete these services. HVAC contractors are an especially valuable resource in the effort to creating a home that is comfortable year round.
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    • Metal fixtures in a home can age over time, so many property owners make the decision to update the handles on doors and cupboards.
    • Estimates indicate that a well maintained home will list and sell for a significantly higher amount of money.


  • Maintaining the landscaping around a home is also a good decision. In fact, realtors often advise their clients to update a home’s landscaping before listing it on the market.
  • As long as you are working on the small details like cleaning up spills and regular vacuuming, the carpet in a home can continue to look its best.
  • Instead of letting small leaks and other seemingly innocent plumbing issues linger, it is important to address even the smallest of these concerns before they turn in to big expensive problems at a later date.
  • Noticing small details like outdated decking can remind home owners that even these spaces require attention.
  • Tap water in some homes can leave hard water stains that are nearly impossible to remove if they are not taken care of on a regular basis.
  • Exterior work on a home is an important part of any maintenance list. From painting the entire house to paying attention to when window frames need another coat, the best way to retain the value of a home is to make sure that it is well maintained on the outside.
  • New appliances in a home often require less maintenance and have the added benefit of being more energy efficient as well.
  • Attic spaces that are well insulated can significantly reduce the amount of energy that escapes a home.
  • No one wants to realize that they have let the value of their home depreciate simply because the neglected regular maintenance tasks.
  • Contractors are often a perfect
  • Even the most efficient HVAC systems require maintenance inspections twice a year. In fact, furnace and AC maintenance is often a part of some of the warranties offered with the installation that HVAC contractors offer.

HVAC units last an average of 12 years, but if you want to make sure that you reach, or extend, that average, it is important to work with reputable HVAC contractors. Owning a home, of course, is about more than maintaining the value of a HVAC system. It also involves exterior work, kitchen appliance repairs, and many other kinds of interior upgrades. Fortunately, if you budget for a set amount of money for these repairs every month you will be more likely to have the funds you need when an upgrade or update is necessary. Establishing a relationship with local professional plumbers, electricians, and HVAC contractors can help you be more prepared for the challenges that you may face as a property owner.
Home ownership is an important goal for many people, but it is a responsibility that requires careful attention to a number of details. What is on your monthly lists of maintenance tasks?


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