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If you live in the country or another area where you can’t easily connect to sewer systems, you may have to set up a septic tank. This septic tank will gather sewage and can be emptied by professional septic cleaning companies.

So how large is a septic tank? Septic tanks come in many different sizes. Most residential septic tanks are between about 700 and 1200 gallons. What’s right for you depends on your family’s needs and your property, among other factors.

As for the best way to maintain septic system, it’s smart to work with professional septic tank cleaning companies. They can clean and maintain your septic system. If they notice a problem, they can bring it to your attention. This way, your septic tank remains in good shape.

Wondering how can I find out where my septic tank is? You may already have a septic tank on your property. If you’ve bought a home and aren’t sure where the tank is, septic system cleaning professionals can help you locate it. They can help with many other things, such as how to drain fill septic tank and what types of products, such as toilet paper, you should use in your home.

Have you ever considered that modern conveniences are deemed convenient by folks who may have a different value set than you? For example, “grocery store just a few blocks away” may actually mean “the street is a total traffic jam” and “no grass to cut because we did away with it” may actually mean “congrats, your dog will have no place to go poop.” It’s worth thinking twice about what you value and how that matches up. Your preferences may actually align with a cheaper, more energy efficient option. One great example: the choice between a sewer and a septic tank.

The difference between septic and sewer is that sewers are a big network of plumbing between a large community, and a septic tank makes it so that your plumbing is self contained. Septic tanks are often used by those who live “off the grid” or away from a sewer system. Some things to think about when considering septic tanks include:


Home Advisor says that the price to repair a septic tank is just over $1,700 and a septic cleaning is around $433. These costs may sound high, but consider that installing new plumbing costs around $2,300.


How a septic tank works is that it fills up and then a company comes to clean it or “pump” it. Many companies have big, 4,000 gallon trucks to pick up waste. Another difference between septic and sewer is that a septic may be a bit more finicky. If you flush items like cat litter or tampons, septics tend to back up. Septic sewer system problems also tend to occur when harsh cleaners are used to clean a toilet because the cleaners through off the bacteria balance in the tank. There is lots of good bacteria responsible for breaking down waste. Cleaners sometimes kill this bacteria and cause clogging.

Sewer and drain cleaning
my not be the most exciting topics, they are important to review when picking between a septic tank and a sewer. While septics are generally considered by those who are off a sewer line, they shouldn’t be immediately disqualified. It’s important to find the best waste management option for you!
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