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Fixing air conditioner

If you own a residential HVAC unit, chances are you know that you’re supposed to maintain and clean it. After all, cleaning air conditioners keeps them working as efficiently as possible. Logically, the unit will have to work harder if you don’t do any HVAC cleaning, which puts more strain on the system. Consequentially, this causes the parts to wear out faster, which air conditioning companies say will result in their eventual break down and demise.

Though some might think repair costs are no big deal, fixing air conditioners can actually be quite costly. According to HomeAdvisor, fixing air conditioners can be as cheap as $199, but can also cost as much as $1,060. This means that the average cost of fixing air conditioners is between $470 and $650.

Though it might sound like all that much, that’s actually quite a bit of money. To put it in perspective, here are a few items you could have bought with that money if you didn’t have to worry about fixing air conditioners you didn’t maintain.

A Coffee Table Aquarium.

For just $660.20, you can buy your very own coffee table aquarium. Both stylish and functional, the coffee table aquarium comes complete with its own decorative plants, lighting, and filtration pump. The fish, though, you’ll have to buy separately, if you didn’t have to bother fixing air conditioners, that is.

The World’s Most Powerful Laser.

For only $299.95, you could own the world’s most powerful laser. Why bother with those wimpy little laser pointers that your cat loves to chase when you could own a laser that’s essentially a lightsaber? Because you had to get your AC unit fixed. That’s why.

A Bear Coat.

For just $194, you can get the bear coat as seen in the popular comedic television show, Workaholics. The glorious coat will not only make you look as fearsome as a grizzly, but will also keep you as warm as a bear in hibernation.

Instead of wasting money on AC unit repairs, do yourself a favor and perform regular, routine maintenance on your AC unit, and clean it once in a while. If you have any questions about fixing air conditioners, feel free to ask in the comments.


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