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Roofs are important for protection and comfort. Problems with roofs can escalate quickly, and it’s important to have your roof repaired or replaced by a quality roofing service before things get out of hand. This video will explain why roofs need to be replaced and what it costs to get the job done.

Roofs generally last for 15-25 years. If your roof is over 10 years old, you should be getting it inspected on an annual basis, at least. If your roof is above 20 years old, it may be time to get a new one installed. If you are facing chronic leaks, missing or cracked shingles, excessive moss growth, and increased energy bills, a replacement will be your best bet.

Replacing the roof involves stripping off the previous roofing shingles and underlayment to expose the roof deck. New underlayment is then installed, along with flashing and weather strips at particularly vulnerable points like around chimneys, pipes, and edges. Finally, new shingles are installed.

The average cost for a 1500 sq. ft. roof is $5,000 to $9,000. Roofing materials and size are the major contributing factors, but slope, height, and obstructions can all increase price.

For more information, check out the video above.


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