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There are many different factors that go into the cost of removing a tree. Just because your neighbor had a dead tree removed at a certain price does not guarantee that you will pay the same price, even if you use the same tree removal service. Kenny’s Tree Removal explains how the cost to remove a tree is determined.

Perhaps the biggest factor is how tall the tree is. Many tree contractors will figure out a price depending on how many feet the tree is. Some will also factor in how wide a tree is.

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Taller and wider trees mean more work for the tree contractor.

Another factor that goes into the price is how hard it is for the tree removal service to get to your tree. If the service needs to go up and down hills that are not easily accessed by roads, or if they need to remove a section of your fence to get their equipment through, this will cost more.

If you want to keep the dead tree for firewood, then you do not need the tree removal company to haul away the tree and you can save money. You will need the dead tree taken away in order to avoid attracting insects like termites.


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