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This video discusses all the items a junk hauler should have to properly run a junk hauler business.

The dump truck is obviously the main item a person should have to run a junk hauling business. The second most important item to have to run such a business is a first aid kit.

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No one ever knows when he or she will get cut, scraped, bruised, or something else in this type of position. Therefore, the speaker recommends that the individual have a good first aid kit in the truck to tend to new injuries immediately.

A big ole box of kitty litter is another item that the speakers recommend a person have in the dump truck at all times. The reason for kitty litter is that it is fantastic at soaking up oil spills, and no one ever knows when they’ll come across an oil spill from a customer. The speaker recommends keeping one large box of kitty litter in the vehicle for emergency purposes. That way, they can use it to eliminate spills that can cause problems right away.

Battery-operated tools, such as drills, are also recommended to individuals who will be working as junk hauling specialists. The reason for this is that they never know when they’ll be out on the field.


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