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How do you tint your car windows? If you’ve never considered this question, read on to learn about automotive window tinting, what it can do for you, and how to get the best auto window tinting.

What Is It?

Window tinting is simply the process of applying an extra film to your car’s windows. The film can be made from several different types of materials. Window tints are regulated by different state laws so there are also various types of window tints available in different levels of darkness.

Why Tint Your Car Windows?

There are a lot of reasons someone might choose to attend their car windows:

  1. It protects your interior from UV rays. The sun’s rays are destructive to upholstery, colors, vinyl, plastic, and everything else that’s inside your car. A recent survey done by the International Window Film Association found that 52% of people are concerned about how the sun fades their home furnishings, their carpets, and their drapes. The same thing happens to the inside of your car.
  2. It protects you and your family. At least half of the damaging UVA rays put out by the sun can pass through a typical window. The right kind of window tinting for cars can block 99.9% of that radiation, protecting you and your family from skin cancer and other effects of too much sun. The windshields of our cars are usually treated in order to filter out the damaging rays of the sun. Unfortunately, the side windows are not, and that’s why 53% of skin cancers occur on the left side of the driver’s body.
  3. You keep the inside of your car cooler. Window tinting is capable of blocking out almost 80% of solar heat. This can help keep things substantially cooler inside your car and also cuts down on the amount of work your cars air conditioner has to do.
  4. You get some privacy and protection. It’s harder to see your possessions inside the car if your windows are tinted, particularly after dark when thieves are out and about. Window tinting also gives you and your family a bit of privacy from nosy drivers nearby.

How Do You Tint Your Car Windows?

Basically, you can either do it yourself or you can have someone else do it. There are kits available that will allow you to project yourself, but this probably isn’t the best idea. How do you tint your car windows? By choosing the right person to do it professionally.

  • A professional will make sure you don’t accidentally violate the law. Remember how we said that every state has different laws about how deeply you content your windows? Those laws also cover what colors you’re allowed to attend with. If you do it yourself, you may accidentally miss some important guideline and find yourself with a hefty ticket. Using a professional in your local area ensures that it will be done right and lawfully.
  • You’ll have a guarantee if it goes wrong. What if the tinting starts to peel a few weeks after it has been put on? If you did it yourself, your only choice is to try to remove it and get new tinting. If you have it done by professionals, any problems will get fixed right away. Additionally, some of the best window tinting film manufacturers will only sell their products to professionals because they cannot guarantee the film unless they can guarantee it was applied correctly.
  • It will be done right, and you won’t be frustrated. Look at the reviews for any window film for home or car and you’ll find that people love the results but are extremely frustrated by the process. It has to be done exactly right in order to avoid creases, bubbles, and all kinds of mistakes that can destroy the tint job and simply make your car look ugly. Rather than put up with the frustration of having to do it three times to get it right yourself, get a professional to do it.

How do you tint your car windows? By choosing the right film and the right professionals right from the beginning.


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