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By now, you’ve likely heard of the green movement — that is, the effort to use more environmentally friendly practices and products in our daily lives. For many, this extends to going green at home by finding ways to recycle, reduce, and reuse around the house. Being environmentally friendly at home is also about using natural, green products that won’t harm the environment through air, water, or land pollution. With the ever-growing market for these items, which range from household cleaners to recyclable plastics, it can be daunting for the average homeowner to navigate the aisles of their local supermarket.

One strategy that may be helpful for those looking to go green is to break down the areas of the home into different categories: Pay attention to water conservation in the kitchen and bathroom. Recycle paper in the home office in your home recycling bins. Find creative ways to reuse cardboard and plastic containers for school projects for the kids. Another way to make the home more environmental is to think about your family’s cars in the garage and maintain them with green car care.

What constitutes green car care? No matter which type of vehicle your family owns, whether it’s a large SUV or a hybrid compact car, anyone can help lessen their impact on the environment through good maintenance. If you’re interested in using green car care methods for the family vehicle, here are a few things to consider:

1. Oil Changes: Some people prefer to do their oil changes at home. This can be a great way to save money on care for your car, but it can also be environmentally damaging. Make sure to dispose of oil properly, and don’t let it seep into the ground or down a sewer grate. Many garages and other auto-related businesses will recycle or dispose of oil for you. If you visit a dealership or other garage, especially those that focus on oil changes, be sure to ask about using recycled oil for your car, which is just as good as new synthetic oils.

2. Car Washes: Many car owners love nothing more than shining up their automobile on a hot summer day. While this is a great way to take care of your car, it can also use a lot of water. Make sure to only use water to rinse the car off. You can do this by combining the soap with water in a bucket first. Also, some soaps can contribute to water pollution if they are not biodegradable, so be sure to get an environmentally-friendly soap for your car.

3. Driving: Finally, no matter what kind of gas mileage your car gets, you can help reduce pollution and save on fuel costs by driving the speed limit. That may sound strange, but it’s true. Not revving the engine while driving can help reduce the emissions your car sends into the air. And if you’re trying to save on gas money, be sure to travel between 55 and 65 miles per hour on the highway, depending on speed limits, to use less fuel.

Have more questions about using your car to go green? Feel free to leave a comment below.


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