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Walk in tub

Every one has seen the commercials on television advertising a walk in bathtub. While watching the commercials, it is safe to assume that some one was thinking, what exactly is a walk in bathtub? A walk in bathtub is basically a bathtub with a door. It allows individuals with disabilities or elderly individuals with limited mobility to take a bath independently; without having to rely on home care nurses or family members to help them in and out of the bathtub.
Disabled individuals and the elderly want to be as independent as they can, for as long as they can. Having another person lift them in and out of the tub is embarrassing, not to mention dangerous if the person lifting loses their grip. Really, anything can happen. Therefore, a walk in bath is the perfect solution. With walk in bathtubs, a person can attend to all of their personal care needs safely, without loved ones worrying that they are going to have an accident getting in or out of the bathtub and severely injuring themselves.
Furthermore, a walk in bathtub comes with the following standard features: an anti slip floor, a high anti slip seat, built in grab bars inside of the tub and on the wall, hand held shower head, and an extra wide door. Also, the walk in bathtub will not crack, pit, peel, chip or discolor. The walk in bathtub frame and body have a lifetime warranty, as do the door and the seals. They will not leak.
No one wants to ever have to have someone lift them in and out of a bathtub. When a regular bathtub is no longer accessible, strongly consider a walk in bathtub. Your independence awaits.


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