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Explosion proof LED lighting has become integral for any business organization that operates in hazardous environments like garages. The law requires parking garage lighting to be on for twenty-four hours in a day because a garage constitutes one of the most dangerous environments. Employees working in such areas are always exposed to potential threats, especially if an explosion occurs.

What is explosion proof LED lighting?

Explosion proof LED lighting can be defined as a warehouse lighting fixture that can contain sparks that could potentially ignite and lead to flames or explosions in the warehouse. This definition eliminates the perception that these lights are resistant to explosives but rather, they can prevent external explosion after ignition.

Explosion proof LED lights are becoming a common phenomenon in the world because they do not only offer security to workers but also to the building and its properties. If you’re wondering why sports lighting should be done with explosion proof LED, here are some of the reasons.

1. High Durability

Durability is one of the main reasons why a considerable number of businesses are choosing explosion proof lighting in their buildings. Studies show that explosion proof lights are durable as compared to the standard lighting fixtures used in the industry. They are made using heavier and studier materials.

The heavier and studier properties make such lights suitable for roadway lighting, where harsh environmental conditions are predominant. They will serve for many years before demonstrating signs of wear and tear.

2. Reduce Maintenance Expenses

Businesses operating in harsh environmental conditions have to deal with regular repair and maintenance expenses of their lighting systems. The regular maintenance and refurbishment costs might be too much for any business to handle because it erodes down all the profits. Using explosion proof lights saves money because maintenance and refurbishment are rare. This explains why most of the LED warehouse lighting fixtures are explosion proof.

3. Greater Mobility

Mobility has always been an issue of concern when it comes to lighting. It is always difficult to transport lighting fixtures from one place to the other as most of them will succumb to vibrations and end up breaking. Standard lighting fixtures are transported with maximum care and protection to minimize fractures and damages.

However, with strong frame and thick glass lenses, it is easier to transport explosion proof lights. They are highly resistant to vibrations, which minimizes severe damages. The fact that ex-proof lights can be transported from one place to another and be lifted by forklifts without damages is a considerable bonus.

4. Greater Efficiency

The issue of energy consumption has also come into play in the last few years. Most of the business owners are incorporating strategies that will help them reduce energy consumption in their business premises. Energy expenses constitute running costs, which are detrimental to the profitability of the business.

However, explosion proof lighting fixtures are more energy-efficient as compared to the traditional lighting fixtures. The energy efficiency benefit makes them an attractive option to the companies that are highly interested in lowering operational expenses and increasing business profits.

5. Lesser Heat Emissions

Commercial LED lighting has, for many years experienced significant problems, especially due to the high heat emissions, which has been making it uncomfortable for workers to work in an enclosed environment.

However, explosion proof lighting fixtures have turned the tables such that high heat emissions are no longer a problem. The current types of lighting fixtures in use have lesser heat emissions. They emit less heat because they have heat-saving fixtures. These features are essential in reducing sparks or other vapors that can lead to explosions.

What Next?

If you operate a business organization, you need to incorporate environmentally sustainable practices by adopting explosion proof LED fixtures that do not contain harmful or toxic substances. Mercury and lead, which are very common in standard lighting fixtures, are harmful to the environment. However, with explosion proof lighting, you will be operating an eco-friendly lighting system.


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