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Home decor and redesigning have been growing steadily over the years and people are searching the internet for new and exciting ways to evolve the way we DIY. There have been some new products coming to the market that make our lives as DIYers easier and the jobs look more professional. Wallplanks have been adding a simple touch of class to home decor and can be used in so many different ways besides their namesake.

Wallplanks are vinyl peel and stick boards that can be easily cut and placed on most surfaces for simple redesigns and decor projects. The natural wood look is so beautiful and goes well with multiple colours and styles. With the proper care and maintenance, wood can last for hundreds of years with little to no rot or wear. Stick on panels can be used on other pieces of furniture, walls, closets, and other projects and make the job look professional. Walls are just the beginning in these versatile new DIY pieces and the ideas people come up with multiply by the day. So what other great projects can be done using stick on panels?

Accent walls are usually one wall in a room that is designed to stand out among the rest. An accent wall can be stone, wood, wallpapered or even painted a different colour. An accent wall can open up the look and feel of a room and provide a smooth transition from one design in a room into another. Many people use their accent walls to hang photos, take photos, or place important pieces of furniture or decor that are eye-catching and appealing.

Furniture redesign can be as simple as you make it, you can repaint it, sand it down and stain it, or even apply stick on panels. Applying stick on panels can be quite simple as easy as cutting and sticking. Wallplanks are vinyl peel and stick that can be easily cut using an Exacto blade or box cutter. Be sure to measure twice and cut once to ensure each piece is the right length before cutting and applying.

DIY wall planks can be used in the kitchen for multiple purposes. Peel and stick wood wall planks can be used on oven range hoods, backsplash, counterspace backings, and cabinets. These stick on panels are made to withstand water, grease, other wear and tear that life throws at it. You can easily clean them, interchange them and apply them pretty much anywhere which is what most kitchen DIY projects are all about.


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