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There is much to consider in the option of non toxic paint, as well as the benefits of organic materials for floor, wall, and ceiling updates. Working toward a VOC-free home is beneficial for your family in the long run, especially considering the fact that poor-quality paint can chip, peel, and spread chemicals into the air in a year or less. Painting is a frequent redecoration process of many rooms, and paint fumes can be dangerous for those who paint and those who live in the room as well. For the removal of VOCs from your home, there are safe options in addition to paint, including eco friendly glue, non toxic primers, and non toxic flooring.

Non Toxic Paints

Safe and healthy painting options are available for all the rooms in your home, no matter whether the walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, or other items need to be painted. It is important to avoid the side effects of polyurethane fumes as you paint on your own, or for those who will be in the room as the paint dries. This is a good reason to have chemical-free paints, VOC free paints, and non toxic paints. The value of having odorless paints for the entire painting process is healthy for your entire family, both while painting and then later. If you happen to paint in places like the basement or other closed areas of your home, or even as a primer before painting the walls, there is much to gain from the choice of non toxic paint. No matter what type or color of paint that is best for your decoration, choosing VOC-free floor and wall coatings is one of the most recommended non toxic paints. Also, when replacing flooring or repainting floors, it is important to know that a VOC level above 500 ppb could irritate anyone with chemical sensitivity.

Other Safe and Non Toxic Paint Options

Some additional options when painting or coating a floor can be those for the addition of safety to your home, along with chemical-free items that are the safest for babies who may not have allergies diagnosed yet. Some of those paints include the following:

  • Clear polyurethane
  • Clear varnish
  • Latex free flooring
  • Nursery paint
  • Wood primer
  • Wood conditioner
  • Anti slip paints
  • Low VOC paints
  • Eco friendly primer
  • Latex free paints
  • Low odor paints
  • Odorless paints
  • EMR shielding paints
  • Eco friendly wood stain
  • Health-focused paint
  • Anti radiation paints

VOCs are one of the most common problems with paint, but many other unsafe painting choices exist. Various chemicals have been reported as affecting the health of everyone in your home, including some pets. Some things to consider are finding paints with minimal fumes, or have no polyurethane. Apparently, after a single year, the VOCs within any coating will likely dissipate into the air. This makes it important to take time to research the health value of the safety of the paint that you pick along with the proper type, color, and brand of paint for your needs.


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