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What is hard, durable and used for many different types of foundations? Concrete, one of the most used manmade materials in the whole wide world. However, the ground a foundation has been built upon can settle and shift and require soil cement stabilization over time. It can be difficult for any foundation to remain in place without concrete service.

Perhaps you’ve noticed cracks in the concrete, maybe even a void. Filling voids in concrete is serious business, and your foundation may even need cement raising. Concrete raising has existed for nearly 100 years, and was originally called slabjacking or mudjacking. Other concrete service includes crack repair and filling voids in concrete with concrete crack filler as well as concrete grinding and concrete leveling.

Have You Noticed the Foundation of Your Home Sinking?

It is actually kind of hard not to notice your home sinking. A void beneath your foundation is the culprit, and it can sometimes be visible along the sides of driveways. The deeper a void goes; the further concrete will sink and possibly crack beyond repair. The moment you notice any sinking in your driveway, steps, sidewalk or garage floor it is time to call for concrete service.

Indications that Lead to Foundation Sinking

Age can sometimes be an indication that concrete could sink. However, even newer homes have been known to sink. A home that is built very fast, could have foundation problems. Faster is not always better.

Another reason foundations sink is because the ground was not prepared and packed to handle the foundation weight well before a concrete foundation was poured. Water flow from rain can also cause sinking problems. Improper water flow from structural issues or drain pipes is another culprit.

Do Not Ignore Concrete Sinking Signs

The moment you notice signs of concrete sinking, it is a wise choice to call a concrete company to inspect your foundation. They will be able to provide you with much-needed information including foundation-saving solutions, concrete service and a quote that could literally save your home.


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