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Elevator Service History

Elevators provide essential services in our society, and many of our cities could not have the large imposing buildings that they do without them. Even in smaller buildings elevators offer the option for ascending and descending floors to those of us who have limited mobility. We may expect these machines to operate all the time, but elevator inspection and maintenance is essential to keeping them in working order, especially as they age. Elevator companies servicing residential lifts and commercial elevators do an important service as they keep the machines in working order so that daily life can go about as usual.

Businesses should know their elevator service history so they can keep tabs on when it was last maintenance was under taken, and when it should be re-assessed. Waiting for a problem to occur can be costly, especially if the minor damages could have been repaired in advance.

Common Issues

The most common issues that can affect elevator are:

  • Due to the large amount of power required for elevators to function, motor operation can be affected by voltage interruptions and fluctuations. Make sure to have you lift looked at if you have been experiencing any power issues in your building.
  • If sheaves are becoming worn they should either be re-grooved or replaced to prevent future issues from occurring. An elevator mechanic will be able to assess this wear and tell you an appropriate course of action.
  • If there is a lack of lubrication or if seals are worn out, contamination can occur, which can cause issues during operation.
  • Vibrations in bearings can cause the lift ride to become less smooth, and more concerning to those who don’t like riding in elevators. If vibrations or bearing malfunctions occur, consider seeking a repair service.

Other problems that can occur are issues in leveling, slower than usual movement, doors closing on passengers, and unusual noises. It is prudent to keep up-to-date with your elevator service history to ensure that they keep moving as needed, and provide passengers with a good safe experience. Elevators should always be up to code, and maintained as needed to avoid any future issues that could be more expensive than needed.

If you are the owner of a building that has lifts, or if you live or work in a building that does. Any concerns that you have should be voiced, so that the safety of all passengers can be taken into consideration. Many people have anxiety based around elevators, and while they are 100% safe, so you don’t have to worry about it magically plummeting, issues with operation can cause a less than enjoyable ride. Help alleviate these concerns, and make sure you scheduled regular maintenance checks.


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