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Home generator repair

Average energy use has skyrocketed in recent decades due to an increase in technology.Even more recently however, people have started to look for ways to cut down that energy usage. Not only does it help reduce your carbon footprint, but you can save money. These five tips encompass things that homeowners are likely to forget to check up on, like HVAC repairs, or things that are commonly forgotten.

Regular air conditioner repairs.

If you have a central air conditioner, you should be servicing it at least once a year- however only 42% of people follow that tip. If you don’t keep up on little repairs as needed, it could turn into a bigger issue or you may need to replace your system entirely. If you keep up on service however, if not only saves you money, but it saves you energy as well. A well-serviced machine is more efficient!

Routine home furnace repairs.

This is the same idea as the AC, with the added mention of the furnace filters. Those need to be replaced every few months. Without that switch, your system gets bogged down, and debris or dust could begin building up in your air ducts. Not only could that be a costly fix in addition to the energy usage, it can cause a fire. In fact, 7,400 house fires in 2010 began because of a lack of HVAC repairs.

Watch how much time you’re spending using fixtures and appliances.

Some people will leave their heat, AC, or fan running all day. The truth is, if you ran these things in cycles, it can be more effective, while cutting your energy use by almost half!

Research other ways to do similar tasks.

If it’s really hot during the summer, you could open up your windows to let a breeze in. Or instead of using the central air system every day, cut back to using it a few times a week and use a fan the rest of the time.

Don’t forget the little things.

So many things are forgotten in the span of a day, but remember the other things to keep up with! Don’t forget home generator repair, for example. Don’t wait until you need it to find out it’s broken. Also pay attention to appliances such as coffee makers, dishwashers or washing machines.

Do you have any other advice? Let us know in the comments!


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