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Residential elevators washington state

How often do you think about the transportation methods you use to get from place to place?

This extends even beyond your average car and bicycle. From stairs to elevators, the world around you is designed with the express purpose of being accessible. When that accessibility is threatened? It takes a combination of modern technology and widespread ingenuity to properly fix. Today’s elevator is one of the most commonly used day-to-day transportation methods for millions of people, carrying individuals and families to their favorite stores, their job of choice and their condo for rent. Because of this widespread usage constant maintenance is necessary to make sure everyone can get from point A to point B safely.

What can we expect to see from commercial elevator installation these days?

First things first…just how many elevators are there? Statistics have shown the United States alone boasts over 900,000 elevators across hotels, motels, businesses, apartment complexes and shopping malls. There are an additional 18 billion elevator trips taken in the country each and every year. In just three day’s time the entire world’s elevators can carry the equivalent of the earth’s population. Needless to say, commercial elevator installation isn’t going away any time soon.

Elevators have been around for quite some time, despite seeming inherently modern. The very first public building elevator was installed in a nine-story building in New York City, with earlier models cropping up in various cultures over the centuries. Previously called ‘lifts’ or even ‘ramps’, some of the oldest creations were seen as early as the 235 B.C.! The 1700’s and 1800’s would proceed to pioneer the elevator we know and love today, using a combination of steam and coal technology to create powerful additions to everyday life.

It’s common for some to be afraid of elevators, whether it’s them getting stuck or even falling and injuring the people inside. Some people even avoid elevators entirely in favor of a flight of stairs or alternate approach. Contrary to this popular belief, elevators are 20 times safer than escalators. This safety is carefully cultivated through a combination of intelligent design on the behalf of engineers, programmers and construction crews. Elevators in the home are also a function that is starting to see more widespread use thanks to the United States’ rapidly expanding elderly population.

How often should maintenance be done on these frequently used devices? It’s always better to be safe than sorry. The state of Washington, for starters, requires Cat 1 testing every single year to maintain protocol. Cat 5 testing is done every five years, with some exception depending on extenuating circumstance. An elevator older than 20 years is considered an ideal candidate for commercial elevator installation. Home elevators aren’t too much different, with professionals recommending maintenance done every 12 months or sooner, in some cases. How long does it take to install an elevator, though?

An elevator can take anywhere from two to six weeks to install depending on the type. Commercial elevator installation is becoming even more widespread thanks to the prevalent usage of this form of technology and will only continue to boast unprecedented growth in multiple industries. Worldwide sales of elevators and moving stairways are both expected to grow past $125 billion by the time 2021 comes around. From elevator services providing commercial elevator installation to new home elevator models, there’s a lot to look forward to in the future.

Don’t think much about transportation? Just thank your local elevator company for that!


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