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America has been seeing a steady rise in homelessness over the past years, as a result, nonprofits and various businesses have come together to find ways to help curb this crisis. This video titled Tiny Homes for Homelessness – Charity Build by Matt Rissinger that is available on Youtube has given the public much-needed insight into how charities and businesses that are building homes for the homeless intend to help decrease these concerning statistics. When watching Tiny Homes for Homelessness – Charity Build, viewers can make visual sense of the outcome of what these tiny homes will look like upon completion. The builders take you through the process that they will use and detail the type of materials that will be used to build the foundation of these homes and ensure that they are adequate to withstand erratic weather conditions. The interior of these houses is made from full pine and birch plywood making them durable than sheetrock. These homes have sufficient living room space and decent sized bathroom countertops with a modern finish.

Building a community of tiny homes for homeless people is a way to recognize that they are part of a community and moving them from the streets does not invalidate that. This is why this project has incorporated communal living with multipurpose areas, shared shower space, and communal kitchens, covered patios, and food prep stations to enable gatherings for those nights where people prefer to dine together as a close-knit family.

Even though these communities of tiny houses are built for homeless people, they still do require some form of the monthly rental. The prescribed rental will be dependent on the size of the house because they come in varied sizes and styles with the inclusion of different types of tents. The conception behind this project is to assist more people in moving from homelessness to becoming employed members of society that can find employment and have permanent housing security without worrying about the unthinkable increased property taxes that are affecting homeowners globally.

Tiny houses are gaining traction all over the country and parts of the world as a plausible solution to a growing problem. The current global crisis has left many people without employment and homeless people are increasing by the day. Whether they work or not is still an uncertain conclusion, however, these homes are a cost-effective solution that ensures the safety of women and children that are subjected to various crimes while homeless. A definite addition is that if your tiny home is RVIA certified, then you can park it anywhere that you can legally park an RV, a literal meaning of “home on wheels”.


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