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New Visions Toronto (NVT) is a government-funded, charitable organization. The video shows how NVT is providing homes for individuals with complex developmental and physical disabilities. Apart from housing, the organization also supplies round-the-clock support, creating a home-like environment for these individuals.

Through the support and care provided by NVT, people with complex care requirements can establish meaningful relationships, participate in regular day-to-day activities, and get to work within their communities. This enables the people receiving support to be as independent as possible.

At the moment, NVT’s residential program has managed to provide homes for over 50 adolescence and adults with complex developmental and physical disabilities. Each of these homes operates with at least two staffers since most residents have physical disabilities. One of the benefits of the NVT houses is that they provide a home-like environment. This allows the occupants to live a normal life, just like they would with friends and family. In a way, it’s better than living at home since they have qualified people dedicated to catering to their welfare needs at all times.

Besides the direct beneficiaries, the families of those helped by the charity also get to have a break from time to time. Some family members admit that the charity has had a tremendously positive impact on their lives and the lives of their loved ones who are being taken care of.

NVT also aims to educate the community about the importance of integration, normalization, and involvement. This can go a long way in supporting meaningful relationships, which will help to curb the isolation of individuals will special needs.

However, it is essential to note that running an organization like NVT can be quite costly. Although the charity is government-funded, most times, funding tends to fall short. Generally, the organization’s yearly budget can go up to about 75000 CAD. This, therefore, creates a need to figure out how prevent foreclosure. Fortunately, apart from what they get from the government, NVT also gets donations that help buy food, equip the homes, and employ staff. This shows that if the organization is to keep operating, there is a need for full support from family, friends, and the community.

According to the statistics, there are currently over 17 000 individuals in need of support in Ontario alone. One of NVT’s aims is to meet this demand for housing and support for all individuals with special needs.


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