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Have you ever seen trusses? While some people prefer their homes to be built with materials such as metal and concrete, some homeowners prefer to incorporate wooden materials and designs in their home construction. One of the most popular wooden features of a house is the wooden trusses.

These wooden trusses are usually exposed as part of the home’s overall wooden and rustic aesthetic.

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Wooden trusses are engineered frames of lumber made to support the building’s roof. Because of their specific measurements and uniform sizes, these trusses allow roofers to finish their jobs at an earlier time, giving other construction site workers a roof sooner than later.

This means that the workers on site are protected from rain and too much heat from the sun as they continue on with the home construction. While it may seem easy to construct trusses, this actually needs a great deal of detailed measurement and careful procedures to ensure that the trusses will perfectly fit the roofing.

If you are looking for a guide on how these wooden trusses are made, this video is what you need to watch to find out more details.


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