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Still don’t know the best way of using Flex Hone for your professional finishing needs? If you’re still unsure, this device is an excellent choice for many tasks, such as edge-bending, deburring, and finishing. Its large selection can suit whatever requirement your project has.

The device can give the best finish for any surface and base material with its flexible honing approach. The outcome created is an unrivaled and controlled surface quality, nothing any other honing tool can provide.

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With a wide variety of grit sizes and abrasive types, the tool is your best bet when you need to get perfect finishing for whatever base material you have. It can reduce Rpk, Rk, and Ra values while keeping Vo and Rvk volume constant for better oil retention.

The device makes it possible for the sizing tool to perform its task accurately and fast without contending with the resulting finish on the surface. You can also use it for applications involving adhesive bonding because it can provide integrity even on rough surfaces. This tool is also helpful for removing cross-drilled holes and burrs, which can be a time-consuming and costly process if other devices are used.

Watch this very informative video by BriGuyGarage, where you’ll learn the best way of using the Flex Hone from Brush Research Manufacturing. As he tests out the device, he’ll be sharing various tips that he only discovered while doing his research and testing.



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