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This is the kind of weather that creates the best dreams!
While the nation deals with some of the coldest weather this winter, many home owners and property managers take these to cold to be outside days and put them to productive use. From planning screen enclosures for decks that are often too filled with bugs for any kind of dining experience to planning a pool deck resurfacing project that will keep the children safer when they are out of the pool, many proactive home owners and property managers use the winter months for planning their next projects.
As Americans continue to look for ways to extend their lives beyond the traditional walls of their homes, condominiums, and apartments, outdoor recreational, dining, and relaxing spaces grow in popularity. What outdoor spaces are you planning for your home or rental properties?
Outdoor kitchens. Families need to work to find times when they gather together. In a time when many parents struggle to find pockets of time when they can connect with their children, an outdoor kitchen with an eating space protected by screen enclosures might be a solution. Taking family meals outside when the temperatures allow can promote a technology free meal. Away from the television and other distractions inside the home, a family can enjoy preparing meals together as they enjoy time in the back yard.
Once prepared, many meals often come to a quick end when weather or insects intervene. With the addition of screen enclosures for an eating area, however, families may find themselves lingering over long conversations at outdoor meals when the threat of an unexpected rain storm occurs. Imagine, for instance, the unexpected feeling of remaining outside chatting around the dinner table when the rain falls all around you. Dry inside, in fact, the family may decide to wait out the passing storm and simply enjoy each others company, all the result of screen enclosures protecting you and the meal from the elements.
Three season rooms. With the added advantage of being connected to the house itself, three season rooms actually allow you to enjoy meals, conversations, board games, and many other activities in a space that is often more relaxing than those inside the home. A three season room, kept free of annoying bugs and insects by the installation of screen enclosures, allows a family to enjoy the sounds of nature while avoiding the most annoying parts. Free from bugs that can ruin any good meal outdoors, a three season room is the perfect solution to areas of the country that have fairly moderate temperatures throughout the year.
At a rental property, a three season outdoor space can provide tenants with a place to gather and connect many times throughout the year. Fall barbecues provide renters an opportunity to gather before football games, and spring picnics allow families to enjoy the weather as soon as the cold days of winter have passed.
Pool areas. Screen and glass enclosures over a backyard pool can also extend the season for swimming in many areas of the country. Especially useful on a rental property, the decision to enclose a pool is often the best way to provide a more useful recreational opportunity. With adjoining outdoor patio surfaces that allow for sun bathing and tanning, a pool screen can provide a luxurious defined space that feels like it is outside, but is really one that is protected from many elements. Eliminating the daily cleaning to get rid of bugs, leaves, and other things that can blow into an outdoor pool, a screened in area can be a true luxury to your renters or guests.
Outdoor theaters. Spending money on expensive tickets to watch a movie in a theater is often prohibitive. The side by side seating in a long row of theater seats can also limit interaction among viewers. The decision to install a backyard theater, however, can often be the perfect solution for a family that likes to watch movies together, but does not want the expense of going to an actual theater. Determining what movies you will show and what time the viewing will begin are also luxuries that you are allowed in your own backyard theater.


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