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Building a home from scratch is quite an exciting thing to tackle. After all, you don’t have to worry about buying someone else’s ready-made home, doing inspections, hoping they don’t have mold, or thinking about all the upgrades you have to make. With a new home build anything you want and any concerns you have will be handled before you move in. After all, you’re going to build your home from scratch with the right professionals for the job. Use this guide as a way to ensure you have all the things you need to include in a new home build.

1. Spacious Kitchen

You cook, eat, entertain, and socialize in the kitchen, so it’s often the heart of the home. Therefore, you want to ensure your kitchen is spacious, well-designed, and equipped with everything you need. A professional kitchen renovator can help you with your dream design to make sure that you have all the appliances, cabinets, backsplashes, and everything on your list.

Most homeowners want luxury kitchen countertops, such as those made from natural stone. You want a countertop that’s durable, easy to clean, and matches the overall style of your kitchen. Granite has been the top choice for luxury countertops due to its natural beauty, durability, and unique qualities. For example, did you know that no two pieces of granite are alike? So if all of your neighbors had granite countertops along with your family and friends, they would all look different. In addition to its unique appearance, your granite countertops can last for a couple of decades, as long as you seal them every few years.

If you prefer to stay away from the granite bandwagon, you can always invest in another gorgeous natural stone, such as marble. Marble is considered just as luxurious as granite and is a beautiful, shiny, colorful stone. Marble is also nonporous, so you don’t have to worry about it harboring bacteria and germs. If you don’t mind engineered stone, then quartz is a great option. Quartz has been catching up in popularity with Granite due to its customization with color and style. Quartz is a customizable material because it’s engineered so manufacturers can add additional colors and specs to suit your kitchen aesthetics. It is also nonporous like marble so you don’t have to worry about it harboring bacteria on the surface.

Don’t forget about your kitchen island design. The island is often a focal point in the kitchen. If you do a lot of entertainment where people tend to congregate in the kitchen, then you might as well get the largest, most aesthetically pleasing island possible. Create a show-stopping centerpiece with the use of a double island. When your island is topped off with luxury natural stone, it’ll be even more beautiful and valuable. Of course, your island isn’t just for aesthetics. It’s also a spot for extra storage, food prep, and seeding.

When it comes to storage, people automatically and understandably think about traditional cabinets. However, if you want your new home build to stand out, you may want to consider alternatives beyond the standard cabinet with a door that opens and closes. Open shelving such as floating shelves, has been gaining more popularity. You can have individual floating shelves throughout your kitchen, mixed in with your traditional cabinetry. Floating shelves can be made of various materials such as wood, metal, and glass. One beautiful trend involves the use of a continuous floating shelf going all around the kitchen.

In addition to floating shelves, you should invest in a walk-in pantry. Then you no longer have to rely just on your refrigerator and traditional cabinets. Your pantry gives you a space just for your food items. Organize things by date or food type. Unabashedly store food for months or years. In the case of an emergency, your pantry gives you the space to ensure that you can feed your family for a long time.

2. Luxury Bathroom

A bathroom is one of those rooms where you have to go to every day and use it several times. In addition to relieving your bodily functions and washing up, it’s also a space where you can comfortably bathe, unwind, and pamper yourself. In other words, a new home build is a perfect time to invest in whatever spa elements you can incorporate in your bath remodel. Do you enjoy the relaxation and health benefits that come with a steam room? You can place a steam room right in your master bath.

Forget those shower tub combinations. Enjoy a deep, relaxing soak in your vintage claw foot bathtub. You can also have a walk-in tub for better accessibility. Soak in a hot tub or spa-like tub that has jet bubbles, lights, and programmable music. Invest in a rainfall shower with multiple showerheads with custom tiles. Find the best items at a local tile company to enhance your shower space.

Vanities are all the rage when it comes to enhancing the bathroom and adding additional storage. They give you more space for all your cosmetics, and toiletries and have a mirror worthy of a backstage production. Countertops are just as important in your bathroom as they are in your kitchen. Just remember that your bathroom is a room that often gets wet and humid, so you want countertop material that can withstand that moisture. With the right material such as a marble or granite counter installation, you can further make your bathroom look elegant and sophisticated.

Relieving yourself can be just as luxurious as any other bathroom function with a new home build. Install a toilet that has a heated seat so that those cold winter days never extend into your bathroom. Do those European vacations make you long for a bidet? Well, guess what? You can incorporate A bidet right in your American bathroom so you can stay clean and fresh all day long. What about those water bills? Installing a dual-flush toilet can greatly reduce your water consumption by several gallons with each flush. By reducing your water consumption, you’ll help the environment and your home budget.

3. Beautiful Pool

A pool installation is a great addition to any new home build, as it provides fun, exercise, and relaxation for you and your family. A pool can also increase the curb appeal and make home entertaining more fun. Pool design isn’t one-size-fits-all, so you have several shapes, depths, and materials that can suit your home and personal aesthetic. Pool builders can ensure the quality and safety of your pool construction, and provide you with warranties and maintenance services.

Make sure you hire the right professionals who understand various ways to protect your pool. Unfortunately, your swimming pool can also get leaks and cracks, but the right swimming pool liner can prevent that. A good liner can also protect your pool from unsightly algae growth. Also creates a very smooth and attractive finish that’s pleasing to view and swim around in. Swimming pool liners come in various materials, including concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl.

During your new home build, you can further customize your swimming pool with other hardscaping and water feature upgrades. In addition to the swimming pool, you can have a water fountain slide as well as a hot tub right there. Having an outside hot tub can make entertaining fun as well as create a very romantic time for you and your partner. Many people enjoy the health benefits of a hot tub, especially when it comes to lowering their blood pressure or decreasing back pain, according to Healthline.

If you have children or pets, you can add various safety features to your pool area, such as a screen. After all, drownings can still happen at residential properties, and little children are susceptible to that. Remember you can also build a pool that has various depths. So if you want to teach your little kids how to swim, or if you just sometimes want to sit in the pool, you can have a very, very shallow end for safety and comfort. Who says you only need to swim in daylight hours? Incorporate lights in and around your pool so that that midnight dip can be easily done.

4. Aesthetically Appealing Deck

It should come as no surprise that a deck or patio is one of the most popular home features and home buyers look for. After all, your deck is a perfect way to both extend your livable space while enjoying nature. According to Healthline, nature provides a sense of well-being and relaxation. Being out in the sun also provides natural vitamin D. Maybe you don’t feel like jumping in your car to drive to the beach, and you may not always want to put on clothes to look presentable at the park. With your very own patio, you can be as comfortable as possible as you enjoy nature without leaving your residence.

A deck can also enhance the appearance and value of your home, and create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. A local deck builder can use wood, stone, and/or concrete to build the perfect deck. The type of deck that you prefer can depend on your local climate and personal preferences. If you live in a space like Southern California or Florida, then you may not mind having an open deck year-round. Of course, if it gets too hot, you can always install a retractable or static awning to give you shade when needed. Just because you live in a space that has intense winters like the Midwest or New England, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your deck in those winter months. A deck building contractor can create an enclosure that allows you to sit on your deck in comfort and peace as you watch the snowfall and drink your hot beverage. An enclosed deck also provides the opportunity to buy better furniture, since it won’t be affected by the elements.

You can enjoy nighttime fun on your deck with an enhanced lighting system. Incorporate string lights, lanterns, or spotlights. Be eco-friendly and use solar lights. You can have your light as bright or dim as you light to set the right mood, whether you want guests to see everything during a fun get-together or you want a romantic setting with you and your partner.

If you really enjoy cooking and entertaining, why not have deck building contractors add an outdoor kitchen to your deck? An outdoor kitchen is the ultimate new home build upgrade as you’ll expand your cooking space, and you’ll make entertaining even more fun. Holiday get-togethers mean you’ll have much more help cooking since no one can make the excuse that there’s not enough room in the kitchen. If you enjoy smelly foods like fish or smoky meats, you can cook them outside any time of year, so your home interior doesn’t need to air out afterward. For a smaller level of cooking and ambiance, install a fire pit on your deck. It can create a cozy focal point outside while allowing you to cook smaller things like marshmallows or the occasional hot dog.

5. Finished Basement

One of the best things about a new home build is you don’t have to worry about having a basement that goes to waste. You can have a finished basement the moment everything else in your house is finished. If you still want to use your new basement for storage, you can do so. However, you can also have that basement level as a separate apartment that you can rent out or have as comfortable guest quarters for when family stays over. You may even want to use it as an in-law suite in case older relatives come to live there. You can also test the waters in your budding rental career by renting the basement apartment out to see if you would want to build or buy a separate rental for additional income.

Creating the home of your dreams can be a magical time. A new home build gives you the opportunity to incorporate everything you’ve ever wanted in your residence. From a custom swimming pool to a spa-like bathroom to an outdoor cooking space on your deck, make your home build construction count.


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