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Bathroom remodeling companies az

Normally, we consider bathroom remodeling for several reasons: wanting a different style, expanding family requires another sink or bigger bathtub, elderly loved one needing handicap accessible bathroom, older homes needing updated bathrooms, etc. Bathroom contractors can help you choose from several varieties for each type of bathroom remodel that you are doing. The main reason for changing up a bathroom that we are going to focus on in this article is when it is being done to make the bathroom handicap accessible. Whether you are re-doing someone else’s bathroom because they are getting elderly and it needs to be made safer or you are going to remodel your own because someone in a wheelchair is going to be living with you, here are some great things to remember before getting started.

  1. The Doorway and Room Size First think about how to get into the bathroom and moving around. The doorway must be wide enough to allow a wheelchair or walker to enter easily. This is about 36 inches wide. This way, the doorway can accommodate someone turning from the hallway into the bathroom. Likewise, the entire bathroom must be big enough for the wheelchair and walker to turn around without the chance of getting caught or stuck on anything. A good rule of thumb in 60 inches of clear space from the middle of the bathroom.

  2. The Sink A wheelchair would need enough space under the sink to be able to steer right underneath it in order to reach the faucet. Similarly, a walker would probably be put under the counter top so the person could lean on the counter as they use the sink. Bathroom contractors would be able to give you model options so the underneath of the sink is still kept neat and safe even if there is no cupboard to cover the pipes. Remember the faucet ideally should be a touch faucet and not something needed to be grasped.

  3. The Toilet Generally, a toilet needs to be 15 inches from floor to seat rim but in handicap bathrooms, 17 to 19 inches is usually more comfortable as it is closer to the height of the wheelchair a person would be transferring from. There must also be enough space for the wheelchair to be parked next to the toilet or at least near enough to ensure a safe and comfortable transfer back and forth.

  4. Showers and Baths Bathroom contractors would advise that in an accessible bathroom a good idea would be to have a completely flat floored shower that can be walked on or wheeled over with no chance of tripping and catching. You can have a seat built in to the shower also for ease of washing without help.

  5. Grab Bars Every accessible bathroom must have plenty of grab bars for the user to hold on to when transferring to the toilet or shower especially.

Bathroom remodeling companies have made it their life to ensure that each person has the exact bathroom to fit their needs. Trust them, use them and you will not


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