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Clean running water is essential for human civilization, but even here in the United States clean water is often hard to come by. We depend on water to drink, to cook, and to clean, yet rural and poor areas often lack ready access to clean water. The average household uses 350 gallon of water on a daily basis, and to ensure that water is always clean and safe to drink, many families invest in a home water system.

Do you wish that you had cleaner water at home? There are ways to achieve this goal, and we’ve outlined the options below:

Home Water Systems

If you want to make sure that the water in your home is always clean and safe, then a home filtration system is your best bet. There are systems available for your entire home, so no matter which tap you get it from, you can rest assured that it’s always pure. Home water systems filter your personal water supply, and they can also soften water in areas that struggle with hard, mineral-rich water. Residential water treatment systems are a cost-effective way to treat multiple problems, like hard spots, chlorine smells, and rust stains.

Water Pitcher With Filter

Most people have some sort of filtration pitcher in their refrigerators at home. Even if you generally trust the water supplied to your home, you may not like to drink straight from the tap, and for good reason. With a filter pitcher you can allow the water to flow through the pitcher and come out cleaner on the other side. Filters are very effective in removing all tannins and soil from contaminated drinking water, but they don’t provide a whole home solution.


This method may seem unconventional, but boiling actually works to get rid of contaminants. Boiling also removes all oxygen from the liquid, so the rest of the remaining liquid will be purified. This effect, however, can leave the drink tasting flat. This method is typically only used in emergencies, or survival-type situations.


Believe it or not, bleach can actually be used for emergency purification. However, bleach can be dangerous when used improperly because it is a chemical, and this is definitely a technique that should not be attempted by anyone without professional training. In general, a home water system is a more reliable option.

Most people want to make sure that the water supply in their home is safe and clean, yet how many people actually invest in residential water treatment systems? To ensure your home’s water supply is as clean as possible, install a whole home system in your residence.


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