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Without a properly functioning kitchen, keeping your family happy can be stressful. Your kitchen is the most active and utilized space in your home. It is important to maintain its functionality by opting for remodeling and improvement projects. However, you need to learn the best remodeling ideas to meet your goals. Adding cabinets is among the improvement projects that suit your kitchen. This means learning more about cabinet design and hiring kitchen remodeling experts to work on your project.

When you settle for cabinets, you should also seek knowledge of the average cost of cabinets and countertops before deciding. You also need guidance on the average cost of kitchen cabinet remodel to make the process easy and effective. With the right cabinets, you increase the space and functionality of your kitchen in the process. You should explore the market and compare different cabinets and countertops that suit your kitchen.

You should also seek information on the average cost of kitchen makeover if you want to implement other remodeling ideas in your home. Kitchen appliance replacement, plumbing needs and painting are among the ideas you can comfortably implement. Creating a sustainable budget becomes easier when you understand the average cost to replace kitchen appliances and other needs. With such knowledge, you gain confidence in your efforts.


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The average cost to remodel a kitchen can make it a daunting project. But the good news is that homebuyers love fully renovated kitchens (since it means avoiding taking on the cost and hassle themselves) and will often pay more for a house if the kitchen has been recently remodeled; according to a study by Remodeling Magazine, an average kitchen remodeling project will get a 78% return on investment — and remember, you’ll get to enjoy it in the years between the remodel and the sale. However, there are a few things to keep in mind to maximize your return on the initial cost to remodel:

  • Kitchen CabinetryCustom and semi-custom cabinetry both appeal to higher-end buyers. As opposed to prefabricated cabinets, these will fit precisely into the space available with no awkward (and useless) leftover space. You can mix in open shelving, glass-front cabinets and specialty features like soft-close hinges without spending too much more, and these features are sure to impress.
  • Kitchen FloorsKitchen flooring options abound, and it’s easy to get carried away; however, since flooring is a difficult and expensive element to change, it’s best to stick with something neutral and classic. Hardwood can take a beating in the kitchen, but some beautiful new tiles can look just like stone for less. If you want to make a sustainable choice, both bamboo and cork are good choices. Cork is easier on the feet, too.
  • Kitchen AppliancesIt’s good to strike a balance between chef-grade industrial appliances and your average range. It’s at least worth the upgrade to stainless steel, instead of white or black. If your kitchen permits, you may want to consider a gas cooktop and double wall ovens, instead.
  • Kitchen CountertopsEven just a few years ago, granite was really the only smart option for kitchen countertops if you were planning to sell. But buyers are starting to become more open to designer composites and other custom options, as well. It’s a good idea to check with a real estate agent in your neighborhood, since buyer tastes will vary from place to place.

In general, the trick to getting a high ROI on a remodel is to choose quality, timeless materials for the biggest elements, and then add your personal taste in more easily changeable elements. No one wants their home to feel generic, but you can choose to be smart about how you demonstrate your personality: If you love roosters, it’s a better idea to find an adorable rooster crock in which you can store your cooking utensils than it is to install a whole backsplash of rooster-painted tiles. That way, you’ll be happy both as long as you live in the house and when you sell without a hitch a few years down the road.

Are there other ways you can get a beautiful kitchen while keeping the cost to remodel focused on sellable elements? Share your advice in the comments.

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