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Pearl premium grass

When you’re planning on planting a new lawn, grass seed is grass seed, right? Actually, this isn’t the case. Good grass seed can provide significant benefits over a bargain brand, making it a better investment in the long run. Here’s some of what buying good grass seed can accomplish:

  1. Better Lawns

    Significant research and development goes into specialty grass seed brands. The resulting seeds can grow into greener, thicker, more drought resistant grass. You’ll need to overseed less frequently in order to get lush results, and using grass seed is still considerably more affordable than shelling out the cash for sod.

    Before buying your seed, you should do a little research or talk to local experts; often, grass blends are developed for a certain kind of climate and shipped to the corresponding home improvement stores. But since buying online is sometimes easier and even more affordable, it’s possible to end up with the wrong blend for your region.

  2. Less Maintenance

    Good grass seed is designed to grow slowly, meaning that it needs to be mowed less frequently — as rarely as once a month. That’s fewer weekends you spend with the mower and more weekends you spend by the pool. These specialized grass blends are also designed to establish deeper roots, allowing them to draw in more nutrients without your help. One way to save work and keep a healthier lawn is to leave your grass clippings in place, where they can act as mulch. If they clump and look unattractive, you can try lightly raking them without collecting them.

  3. Lower Environmental Impact

    Once established, drought resistant blends may need little or no water — which, with water crises in many regions, is good news both for the planet and for your pocketbook. And the environmental benefits don’t stop there, either. Deep roots can control soil erosion. Less frequent mowing means fewer emissions from your gas mower. Hardy blends can allow for reduced pesticide use. And blends that lend themselves to being cut longer (3 inches, for example, instead of an inch or half inch), can replenish oxygen levels.

Have you tried growing grass from seed in difficult soil types? Share tips on how to grow grass in sandy soil, shade or clay-rich areas in the comments.


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