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Everything You Need To Know Before A Roof Installation

If you’re tired of roof repairs and increased roof maintenance, it’s time to consider installing a new roof. Before you call up a contractor, here are a few things to consider first.

  • Selecting the Material. One thing to take time considering is the material. Take into account the appearance that you want, in addition to the longevity of the different choices. For instance, while many people consider an asphalt roof, these tend to have a relatively short lifespan, whereas metal or concrete will last much longer. Those options can be a worthwhile investment if you want something that will last you for decades. Metal tiles in particular can even be made to imitate the appearance of other materials. Additionally, materials with longevity and curb appeal can help increase your resale value. This makes it a good investment even if you’re not planning on staying in the same home for more than a decade or so.
  • Roof Frame. Before beginning roof installation, take a moment to inspect your roof frame. If you see any areas that look weak or broken, or likewise feel soft to the touch, it’s a sign that the frame is deteriorating. If this is the case getting the frame repaired, before installing the roof proper, should be your first step.
  • Companies. Research roof installation contractors near you. Reach out to a few and see about getting a couple different quotes. This will ensure that you can see a wide array of pricing options. Also, make sure they’re able to install the type of tile that you’ve chosen. It is also recommended that you look online to see reviews from past customers. If you see a company that is highly praised, it may be worth giving them a call, while steering clear of the ones with more negative reviews.
  • Noise. Roof installation is a noisy business. If anyone in your home is sensitive to loud noises, it may be a good idea to set up somewhere for them to stay while the construction is underway. Additionally, be sure to let your neighbors know that you’ll be getting a new roof. This will give them a heads up in case they need to make plans to handle the noise, but either way they will appreciate the forewarning.
  • Contracts. Always ask your contractor if the contract agreement states everything that you talked about and specified. Everything from shingle type to the exactly work needed should be laid out clearly for you to see. If you have any questions, never hesitate to ask. As a consumer you have the right to know everything that you are being charged for.
  • Documents. Before beginning your roof installation it is important that you acquire two additional documents. The insurance company representing the contractor should be delivered to you that confirms that the project is being covered by them. This means that should any accidents occur, you are not responsible. The second is a building permit which tells a contractor the specific building code, in addition to allowing you to take advantage of a warranty.

Be sure to take all of this into consideration before the project gets underway. This ensures that you get the style and material type that suits you, in addition to ensuring you get the best installation possible. Never be afraid to ask questions to your contractor, and always shop around and read reviews before settling on the one that is best for you.


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