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If you’re looking to update your home, as many a home owner is in today’s world, consider painting your home, as this is a great way to add something new and fresh without spending a whole world of money. And the power of painting your home is more impressive than many people even realize, as you can actually raise the overall selling price of your home by quite a bit just through painting it.

One great example of this is through bathroom painting endeavors. For instance, painting your bathroom blue can bump up the overall value of your home in a considerable way – sometimes by more than $5,000 in total (around $5,400 to be just a bit more exact). And many people who are in the process of getting their homes ready for sale will also want to paint their homes in neutral tones. This is important for many reasons, such as that people who might become interested in buying the home can better project themselves onto a home when it is more of a blank canvas, so to speak. Neutral tones allow for that and can even help to open up the space a great deal as well. Therefore, the benefits of neutral colored homes are many when it comes to placing these homes up for sale.

Hiring residential interior painting services can be ideal for this, as interior painting is not always as simple as people feel it to be. To get the best interior painting possible, hiring a professional to conduct this interior painting is highly likely to be well within your best interests. But interior painting, as important as interior painting is, is far from the only thing to be considered when it comes to updating your home. In addition to interior painting, there is exterior residential painting. Hiring a residential exterior painting company is something that must also be considered, as residential painting of this nature is still hugely important indeed. As a matter of fact, the overall appearance of the outside of your home can increase your curb value – or decrease it, if you have not kept up your home particularly well. For many people, exterior painting services can help with this.

But, of course, there are considerations that must be made for interior painting and exterior painting alike. For one thing, the type of paint that is ultimately used matters quite a bit indeed. For instance, choosing a paint that is safe for interior painting is a must. Fortunately, some types of dangerous paints have already been made to be illegal. Lead paint is a great example of this, as lead paint has been found to be truly dangerous indeed. It has not been a threat for quite some time now, at least in new buildings, thanks to the fact that all lead paint was banned in the United States back in the year of 1978. However, you might have to be careful if you live in a home predating that time, as up to 57 million older homes still have some form of lead paint somewhere within them.

Latex paint has become a more and more viable paint option for both interior painting as well as exterior painting. Knowing how to use it will be, of course, the key to having a successful painting experience. For instance, you want to leave at least two hours for the first coat of latex paint to dry, sometimes as long as three hours for the optimal results. In addition to this, a second coat of latex paint, which might also end up being needed, will take at least four, if not five, total hours to dry. Allowing for this period for the paint to dry without interruption will be absolutely key, as it will help immensely in the overall outcome of the paint in question.

In addition to this, properly storing any leftover paint is important. This is due to the fact that you can actually save paint for a number of years – up to five years, as a matter of fact – when you store it in the right way. Therefore, you can then have the perfectly right shade of paint available.


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