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Effects of sewage pollution

Did you realize that water pollution is happening every day, all over the world. Not just the third world countries, or the countries filled with manufacturing plants. Our country, right here, the United States sees plenty of preventable water pollution every single day. And whether it’s because polluting is the cheaper alternative, or the polluter is just lazy and doesn’t care, it’s happening far more than it should be.

If you can educate yourself, learn to recognize bad habits that you should change in yourself and in those around you, we can change this problem very quickly. But it is a matter of education, awareness, and spreading the word of how important it is. Only then can we see a significant change.

  • Information on Water Pollution
  • Before we can get into anything like solutions for water pollution, such as fixing the drinking water quality, first you should know a little more detail about water pollution in general.

    1. Pollution is one of the biggest global killers. Even compared to world diseases such as malaria and HIV.
    2. Over 5,000 people die every day due to dirty drinking water.
    3. Every year, over 14 billion pounds of garbage are dumped into the oceans. Most of that is plastic/
    4. Over one million sea birds and 100,000 sea mammals are killed by garbage every year.
    5. Just under 50% of all American lakes are too polluted for fishing, wildlife, or swimming.
  • Solutions for Water Pollution
  • The solutions for water pollution can range from simple changes in habit, to rather complex and expensive changes in industrial practice. For example, do you know how to dispose of medication? You can bring it to any pharmacy to have it taken care of. But most people don’t. Shockingly, they dump it down the toilet. The chemicals in medicine that dissolve into the water do not get filtered out in the cleaning process and can pollute both drinking water and ground water in the process.

    A bigger, more difficult change is getting large manufacturing plants to properly take care of their waste materials instead of dumping them into bodies of water. While there may not be any laws in place yet to prevent them from doing so, studies have found that even mass amounts of boiling water flushed into the environment can have adverse effects.

  • Benefits of Going Green
  • The whole point of it all, what it all boils down to, is that we want to maintain the integrity of the land and planet that we live on. We don’t want it to become a wasteland by the time we’re 60, and we certainly want to set our children up for a life of literal green pastures, blues skies, and clear lakes. If we don’t do something about it now, that just won’t happen.

Now you have no excuse. You know what to do to stop it. What it does when it happens. And what will happen if it’s not stopped. Water pollution is to be taken seriously and often gets brushed under the rug for more serious matters. But, the longer that it’s ignored, the harder it will be to correct what’s already been done.


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