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You’re in the nesting phase of your pregnancy, and you’re tearing up over a cherished family heirloom: a baby crib that was passed down from generation to generation. Now it’s your baby’s turn to sleep in this beloved family crib, but the paint has worn off completely.

The thought probably crossing your mind is: Should I paint my baby’s crib? Is it even safe to paint the crib? Many young parents are understandably worried about harsh chemicals and VOCs found in many common household paints, primers, and other products. While we agree with this concern, there is a safe way to paint your baby’s crib.

The truth is: It’s perfectly safe to paint the crib if you use non toxic paint. Just as there is non toxic wall paint on the market today, so there is eco-friendly, odorless paint that will not harm your baby. Read on to find out how to go about choosing the right non toxic odorless paint for the nursery as well as that cherished crib.

Air Purifying Paint

If you were ever unfortunate to be around fresh paint as a child, you probably remember it as smelling putrid. Old-fashioned paints were indeed toxic. Nowadays, though, the standard of paint has changed. With it, the ideas of purified indoor spaces have become popular. In fact, a recent study from Cornell University suggests that 59 percent of travelers would rather switch hotels if another hotel offered them an allergen-free accommodation.

Your goal for choosing non toxic wall paint for your baby’s room, as well as paint for his or her crib, is to find a paint that is virtually odor-free and purifies instead of pollutes the room. Paints without volatile organic compounds are much safer for your little ones.

What Is Non toxic Paint, Anyway

Non toxic wall paint is free of many chemicals and additives that are found in traditional paint. Led-based paint, for instance, has proven to affect children’s behavior over time, and well as caused respiratory issues. If a child lives in a bedroom where he is exposed to led, he is a lot more likely to have asthma or various skin conditions, according to a Dampness Survey from Sweden.

Minimizing exposure to led and other chemicals ensures a child’s overall health in the years to come.

Painting That Crib

Are you still seeking just the right shade of pink or blue for that cherished family crib? If you want to go the extra yet necessary mile and choose a non toxic wall paint for your nursery, ensure that the paint you have in mind is the best paint for baby crib.


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