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The lighting in a place of business is often an afterthought. Only when a light stops working does it become a concern. However, if you are proactive about your lighting solutions, with some careful planning, you can save money and make sure your illumination plan remains a functional part of your business. LED lights offer a real possibility of making sure you can have adequate lighting and save money at the same time. They have other benefits that extend beyond simply saving cash, however. Here are some of the ways LED lights in your warehouse lighting fixtures can give you an advantage.

They’re Very Energy-Efficient

LED lights reduce your carbon footprint considerably. They take less energy to run because they don’t use a typical filament system like normal lights do. The diode that emits the light does so without requiring as much electricity. With a normal light fixture, a large portion of the energy is wasted as heat. That’s why a typical light bulb often feels hot to the touch. An LED light, on the other hand, is converting much more of the energy into exactly what you need it for: illumination.

This is particularly important because you need certain areas to be adequately illuminated. If that illumination also results in the area getting warmer, you may be facing higher energy costs, particularly in the summer. With LED lights, you aren’t wasting as much energy heating the immediate atmosphere. Rather, the warehouse lighting fixtures are helping employees see what they’re doing, as well as identifying products and parts.

They’re Better for the Environment and Employees

Most lights contain toxic compounds such as mercury. LED lights don’t have mercury or any other toxin substance. Therefore, when they have to be disposed of, they aren’t hurting the environment. Further, if a regular light falls from one of your warehouse lighting fixtures, when it breaks, it may emit mercury that could be harmful for your employees. Even if the concentration is low enough to not do significant bodily harm, the employee may be negatively affected psychologically, simply because they were exposed to a dangerous substance. An LED light solution for warehouse lighting fixtures helps prevent this.

They Function in Extreme Temperatures

LED lights perform better when the temperature fluctuates. If, for example, you have low bay lighting fixtures or wall pack light fixtures in an area where it gets either extremely hot or cold, using LED lights can help ensure that the area is well-lit despite the atmospheric temperature. This is particularly useful if an area goes from very hot to cold, or if a freezer or refrigeration system is being illuminated. Normal, incandescent lights are susceptible to damage, especially in cold temperatures or when temps fluctuate quickly. LED lights don’t succumb to temperature variations in the same way.

They Illuminate Right Away

The speed at which a light begins producing illumination can be a crucial factor when it comes to choosing the best warehouse lighting fixtures. If a light takes too long to reach optimal brightness, people or processes that depend on the light can be put in danger. For example, if someone has to walk into an area with potential tripping hazards, and they’re depending on lighting to show them where the dangers are, if they are in a rush, they could risk tripping while they wait for the light to get bright enough. With LED lights, the illumination happens instantly. There’s no need to wait for the room to be safely lit, you can move around freely, without concern.

For people who work in areas where they need to quickly identify products, LED lights can save both time and money. Products can be grouped according to categories, and those that are needed at one time can be obtained then, while those that are needed later in the process can be obtained at a later time. While the first category is picked from the stocked area, the other area can remain unlit. When it’s time to select stock from the other area, an employee can go in, quickly grab the stock, and use it. With instant LED lights, the employee doesn’t have to slow down.

LED lights provide users with flexibility and savings. Give them a shot to help your warehouse run smoother and more efficiently.


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